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Title: Multivariate model of precipitation events in California: The role of atmospheric rivers, topography, and climate change Authors:  Anna Panorska - University of Nevada (United States) [presenting]
Francesco Zuniga - University of Nevada at Reno (United States)
Alexander Weyant - University of California San Diego (United States)
Ilaria Vinci - University of Nevada Reno (United States)
Alexander Gershunov - University of California San Diego (United States)
Tomasz Kozubowski - University of Nevada Reno (United States)
Abstract: A new modeling approach is presenting which describes the joint behavior of the duration, the magnitude, and the peak value of precipitation events in California, USA. The study shows that the model parameters respond to the expected changes in the characteristics of the events such as their origin or the local topography. We also show the response of the parameters to the observed and projected climatic changes during the time period from 1950 to 2100. The joint information on the properties of events was not previously available as the majority of the modeling work in this area focused on separately studying duration, magnitude or maxima of precipitation over given time scales. Since the health, economic and ecological impact of the large precipitation events depend on the combination of their characteristics, our work is a step forward towards a more realistic and practically useful modeling approach.