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Title: A macroprudential view on post-trade risk reduction services Authors:  Yuliang Zhang - LSE (United Kingdom) [presenting]
Luitgard Veraart - London School of Economics (United Kingdom)
Abstract: The consequences of post-trade risk reduction services for systemic risk in derivatives markets are analyzed. The focus is on portfolio rebalancing, which is a mechanism of injecting new trades to reduce the overall counterparty exposure, and portfolio compression, which is a mechanism to reduce the outstanding notional amount by trades termination and replacement. We first provide a mathematical characterisation of (optimal) portfolio rebalancing. Then, we explore the effects of these services on the financial system from a network perspective by considering contagion arising from only partial repayments in networks of variation margin payments. We provide sufficient conditions for portfolio rebalancing to reduce systemic risk. We also investigate the effects under a scenario where financial institutions react to stress strategically and make delayed payments.