Requirements to participate in the virtual conference

  • Device (desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone) with a speaker, a microphone and a webcam. A headset is advisable to avoid echo and improve the quality of the audio. If your desktop does not have a microphone or a webcam, please consider using a smartphone as an auxiliary device.
  • A stable internet connection. Advisable at least 2.5 Mbps upload and download speed, which is met by a typical broadband home internet plan or a 4G phone. Wired Ethernet connection is also advisable if possible.
  • Install Zoom in your device. The connection via web can be used, but it is less flexible.
  • Create a user in Zoom with the same name, surname, and email as for the conference (if possible), so that you can be identified easily by the conference staff. You can use another email in Zoom if you cannot use your conference email, but you must keep the same name and surname.
  • Check that your audio and video are working properly (watch this short tutorial video).
  • The scientific programme webpage is optimized for Google Chrome and Mozilla, so one of these browsers is advisable.
  • You can test your device and connection during the test session on Sunday the 30th of May (see Test session).