Keynote talk 1 Saturday 04.6.2022 14:50 - 15:40 Room: 101 (Hybrid 1)
Bayesian estimation of multivariate stochastic volatility models using dynamic factors
Speaker: Y. Omori   Chair: Erricos Kontoghiorghes
Keynote talk 2 Monday 06.6.2022 11:40 - 12:30 Room: Main Theater (Hybrid 1)
An empirical evaluation of some long-horizon macroeconomic forecasts (virtual)
Speaker: K.D. West  Co-authors: K. Lunsford Chair: Masayuki Hirukawa
Keynote talk 3 Monday 06.6.2022 17:05 - 17:55 Room: Main Theater (Hybrid 1)
Multiple change-point detection for functional data (virtual)
Speaker: J.-M. Chiou   Chair: Ana Colubi


Parallel session A: EcoSta2022 Saturday 04.6.2022 08:25 - 09:40

Session EV452 Room: Virtual R12
Contributions in methodological statistics and econometrics Saturday 04.6.2022   08:25 - 09:40
Chair: Ci-Ren Jiang Organizer: EcoSta
  E0527:  Y.-W. Chen
  The stochastic frontier model with ordered multiple choice
  E0259:  M. Nguyen
  Actual events vs. actual reporting: Modeling firm performance under environmental uncertainty using machine learning
  E0699:  W. Zhu
  Partition-Mallows model and its inference for rank aggregation
Session EV465 Room: Virtual R7
Contributions in time series I Saturday 04.6.2022   08:25 - 09:40
Chair: Donggyu Kim Organizer: EcoSta
  E0431:  W.W. Wei
  Spatial aggregation on high dimensional multivariate time series analysis
  E0567:  T. McElroy, A. Roy
  A framework for time series aggregation and seasonality using marked point processes
  E1024:  J. Goodridge, T. Brough
  Metallgesellschaft's hedging revisited: A superior predictive ability test analysis
Session EO165 Room: 101 (Hybrid 1)
High-dimensional inference and reproducible learning Saturday 04.6.2022   08:25 - 09:40
Chair: Daoji Li Organizer: Daoji Li
  E0975:  Y. Uematsu, K. Sawaya
  High-dimensional robust inference via the debiased rank lasso
  E1012:  D. Li
  Reproducible learning for censored data via deep knockoffs
  E0776:  K. Egashira, K. Yata, M. Aoshima
  Asymptotic behaviors of hierarchical clustering under high dimensional settings
Session EO351 Room: 102 (Hybrid 2)
Change-point detection and variable selection for large-scale data Saturday 04.6.2022   08:25 - 09:40
Chair: Tao Zou Organizer: Jun Li
  E0251:  S. Chakraborty, X. Zhang
  High-dimensional change-point detection using generalized homogeneity metrics
  E0772:  X. Li, T. Zou, X. Liang
  Subbagging variable selection for massive data
  E0960:  T.-L. Wu
  High-dimensional cluster/anomaly detection using scan statistics
Session EO357 Room: 103 (Hybrid 3)
Analytical tools for biomedical data with complex structures Saturday 04.6.2022   08:25 - 09:40
Chair: Shuo Chen Organizer: Shuo Chen
  E0238:  T. Ma
  High-dimension to high-dimension screening for detecting genome-wide epigenetic regulators of gene expression
  E0444:  S. Simpson, M. Bahrami, C. Tomlinson, P. Laurienti
  Analytical tools for whole-brain networks: Fusing statistics and network science to understand brain function
  E0674:  S. Chen
  The mediating role of neuroimaging data in age-related cognitive decline
Session EO413 Room: 104 (Hybrid 4)
High-dimensional associations: Applications in spatial statistics (virtual) Saturday 04.6.2022   08:25 - 09:40
Chair: Yumou Qiu Organizer: Yumou Qiu
  E0980:  Y. Qiu
  Inference for nonparanormal partial correlation via rank-based nodewise regression with applications to spatial data
  E0994:  Y. Zhou, S. Pokal, Y. Guan, H. Wang, Y. Zhou
  An improved doubly robust estimator using partially recovered unmeasured spatial confounder
  E1017:  B. Guo
  Testing and signal identification for two-sample high-dimensional covariances via multi-level thresholding
Session EO369 Room: 105 (Hybrid 5)
Advances in statistical leaning theory and large-scale inference Saturday 04.6.2022   08:25 - 09:40
Chair: Peter Radchenko Organizer: Peter Radchenko
  E0637:  G. Mukherjee, W. Sun, J. Luo
  Spatially adaptive false discovery rate thresholding for sparse estimation
  E0839:  P. Radchenko
  Sparse high-dimensional regression with discrete optimization
  E0465:  B. Rava
  A burden shared is a burden halved: A fairness-adjusted approach to classification
Session EO443 Room: Virtual R1
Advanced nonparametric and semiparametric methods Saturday 04.6.2022   08:25 - 09:40
Chair: Yuanyuan Guo Organizer: Yuanyuan Guo
  E0459:  M. Du
  A unified approach to variable selection for Cox's proportional hazards model with interval-censored failure time data
  E0568:  T. Sun, Y. Cheng, Y. Ding
  An information ratio-based goodness-of-fit test for copula models on censored data
  E0867:  B. Zhang
  Bayesian approach for interval-censored data with time-varying covariates effects
Session EO341 Room: Virtual R10
Recent advances with scalable and high-dimensional methods Saturday 04.6.2022   08:25 - 09:40
Chair: Sayar Karmakar Organizer: Leo Duan
  E0682:  Y. Xu
  Bayesian sparse Gaussian mixture model in high dimensions
  E0676:  S. Karmakar
  Long-term prediction for high-dimensional regression
  E0664:  M. Shin, S. Wang, J. Liu
  Generative multiple-purpose sampler for weighted M-estimation
Session EO397 Room: Virtual R11
Recent developments in functional and time series data analysis Saturday 04.6.2022   08:25 - 09:40
Chair: Tianhao Wang Organizer: Tianhao Wang
  E0326:  W. Yang, W. Guo
  Simultaneous warping and clustering of functional electrocardiogram
  E0428:  L. Huang
  A regression approach for large portfolio allocation
  E0608:  T. Wang
  Joint curve registration for longitudinal and survival data with application to Alzheimer's disease onset prediction
Session EO436 Room: Virtual R2
Nonparametric/ high dimensional methods: Neuroimaging and point clouds Saturday 04.6.2022   08:25 - 09:40
Chair: Luo Xiao Organizer: Luo Xiao
  E0552:  C. Li, H. Zhang
  Tensor quantile regression with application to association between neuroimages and human intelligence
  E1006:  J. Harezlak, T. Randolph, D. Brzyski, J. Goni, A. Steiner
  Incorporation of spatial- and connectivity-based cortical brain distances in regularized regression
  E1007:  X. Li, S. Yu, Y. Wang, G. Wang, M.-J. Lai, L. Wang
  An efficient spline smoothing for 3D point cloud learning
Session EO333 Room: Virtual R3
Innovative weighting methods for causal inference Saturday 04.6.2022   08:25 - 09:40
Chair: Steve Yadlowsky Organizer: Steve Yadlowsky
  E0446:  H. Namkoong
  Assessing external validity over worst-case subpopulations
  E0950:  D. Hirshberg
  The basis for inference based on synthetic control methods
  E0440:  E. Chung, M. Olivares
  Quantile-based test for heterogeneous treatment effects
Session EO111 Room: Virtual R4
Advances in statistical learning for complex data Saturday 04.6.2022   08:25 - 09:40
Chair: Wenbo Wu Organizer: Wei Luo
  E0307:  X. Zhang
  Conditional probability tensor decompositions for multivariate categorical response regression
  E0658:  J. Song
  Functional sparse group lasso
  E0806:  W. Wu
  Pseudo sufficient dimension reduction with ill-conditioned sample covariance matrix
Session EO159 Room: Virtual R5
L0-constrained statistical learning Saturday 04.6.2022   08:25 - 09:40
Chair: Ziwei Zhu Organizer: Ziwei Zhu
  E0883:  Y. Guo, Z. Zhu, J. Fan
  Best subset selection is robust against design dependence
  E0899:  S. Wu, Z. Zhu
  Sure early selection by searching for the best subset
  E0987:  C. Wen
  Best subset selection in reduced rank regression
Session EO167 Room: Virtual R6
Environmental data science Saturday 04.6.2022   08:25 - 09:40
Chair: Soutir Bandyopadhyay Organizer: Soutir Bandyopadhyay
  E0610:  C.Y. Lim
  Spatial regression with nonparametric modeling of Fourier coefficients
  E0611:  S. Bandyopadhyay
  Advantages of model misspecification for block data
  E0688:  S. Das, L. Zhang, G. Qian
  Periodogram regression, a semi-parametric mixed effects approach for modelling non-stationary tropical cyclone frequency
Session EO217 Room: Virtual R8
Recent advances in statistical methods for precision medicine Saturday 04.6.2022   08:25 - 09:40
Chair: Subharup Guha Organizer: Yi Li
  E1015:  S. Guha, D. Christiani, Y. Li
  Unbiased multigroup comparisons by integrating multiple observational studies: A new concordant population approach
  E1020:  K.Y. Wong, D. Zeng, D. Lin
  Semiparametric latent-class models for multivariate longitudinal and survival data
  E1026:  S. DeSantis
  Propensity score matching and stratification for multiple and ordinal treatments: Application to an EHR-derived study
Session EO287 Room: Virtual R9
Advances in high-dimensional sampling methods Saturday 04.6.2022   08:25 - 09:40
Chair: Shiwei Lan Organizer: Shiwei Lan
  E0965:  Y. Lu
  Sampling via birth-death dynamics
  E0726:  S. Lan
  Scaling up Bayesian uncertainty quantification for inverse problems using deep neural networks
  E0770:  A. Holbrook
  A quantum parallel Markov chain Monte Carlo
Parallel session B: EcoSta2022 Saturday 04.6.2022 10:10 - 11:50

Session EI007 Room: 101 (Hybrid 1)
Innovations in functional data analysis (virtual) Saturday 04.6.2022   10:10 - 11:50
Chair: Fang Yao Organizer: Xinyuan Song
  E0161:  A. Aue, A. van Delft
  Testing stationarity of functional time series in the frequency domain
  E0432:  Y. Li
  Semiparametric functional regression models with multivariate functional predictors
  E1027:  J.Q. Shi
  Wrapped Gaussian process functional regression model for batch data on Riemannian manifold
Session EO141 Room: 102 (Hybrid 2)
New methods for causal inference Saturday 04.6.2022   10:10 - 11:50
Chair: Luke Keele Organizer: Luke Keele
  E0239:  A. Spieker, B. Shepherd, C. Birdrow
  Cumulative probability models and their utility in semi-parametric estimation of causal effects
  E0482:  J. Roy
  Bayesian nonparametric methods for causal mediation analysis
  E0483:  N. Mitra
  Estimating the causal effect of policy interventions in the presence of spillovers
  E0358:  L. Keele
  Measuring racial disparities in emergency general surgery via approximate balancing weights
Session EO447 Room: 103 (Hybrid 3)
Recent advances in inference for complex statistical models Saturday 04.6.2022   10:10 - 11:50
Chair: Jason Xu Organizer: Jason Xu
  E0443:  D. Leung
  ZAP: z-value adaptive procedures for false discovery rate control with side information
  E0804:  J. Xu
  Likelihood-based inference for stochastic epidemic models via data augmentation
  E0868:  S. Jensen
  Spatio-temporal Bayesian modeling of crime in Philadelphia
  E0894:  A. Volfovsky
  Incorporating mechanistic knowledge in causal inference
Session EO115 Room: 104 (Hybrid 4)
Methods for survival data analysis I Saturday 04.6.2022   10:10 - 11:50
Chair: Takeshi Emura Organizer: Takeshi Emura
  E0456:  D. Li
  Evaluating association between two event times with observations subject to informative censoring
  E0871:  H. Zhang
  Statistical methods for interval-censored multi-state data and mismeasured covariates with application in HIV care
  E0451:  M. Peng, L. Xiang
  Disease progression based feature screening for ultrahigh-dimensional survival-associated biomarkers
  E0979:  C. Zhong, Z. Ma, J. Shen, C. Liu
  Dependent Dirichlet processes for analysis of a generalized shared frailty model
Session EO327 Room: 105 (Hybrid 5)
Advances in statistical methods for observational studies (virtual) Saturday 04.6.2022   10:10 - 11:50
Chair: Rajarshi Mukherjee Organizer: Rajarshi Mukherjee
  E0464:  K. Basu
  Personalized treatment selection using causal heterogeneity
  E0469:  L. Liu
  A splitting Hamiltonian Monte Carlo method for efficient sampling
  E0759:  N. Laha, A. Sonabend, R. Mukherjee, T. Cai
  Optimal dynamic treatment regimes via smooth surrogate losses
  E0854:  R. Dey
  Efficient and accurate genome-wide survival association analysis controlling for sample relatedness in biobanks
Session EO421 Room: 106 (Hybrid 6)
Recent advances in quantile regression methods Saturday 04.6.2022   10:10 - 11:50
Chair: Jeong Hoon Jang Organizer: Jeong Hoon Jang
  E0284:  C. Yu, H. Li, G. Ma
  Forecasting conditional distributions of stock returns: Quantile regression with machine learning
  E0339:  W. Ling, W. Zhang, B. Cheng, Y. Wei
  Zero-inflated quantile rank-score based test with application to scRNA-seq differential gene expression analysis
  E0466:  B. Wei, L. Peng, Z. Mei-Jie, J. Fine
  Estimation of causal quantile effects with a binary instrumental variable and censored data
  E0918:  J.H. Jang
  Function-on-function quantile regression model for predicting glucose levels and excursions
Session EO273 Room: 107 (Hybrid 7)
Recent advances in latent variable analysis and psychometrics Saturday 04.6.2022   10:10 - 11:50
Chair: Gongjun Xu Organizer: Gongjun Xu
  E0614:  C. Wang
  Using Bayesian IRT for multi-cohort repeated measure design to extract latent change scores
  E0879:  M. Jeon
  A network approach to assessment data: Mapping item-response interactions in interaction maps
  E1016:  X. Li
  Determining the number of factors in high-dimensional generalized latent factor models
  E0876:  G. Xu
  Learning large Q-matrix by restricted Boltzmann machines
Session EO035 Room: Virtual R1
Financial big data modeling Saturday 04.6.2022   10:10 - 11:50
Chair: Donggyu Kim Organizer: Donggyu Kim
  E0218:  D. Kim, M. Shin
  High-dimensional high-frequency regression
  E0455:  S.H. Choi, D. Kim
  Large volatility matrix analysis using global and national factor models
  E0241:  M. Shin, D. Kim, Y. Wang, J. Fan
  Factor and idiosyncratic VAR-Ito volatility models for heavy-tailed high-frequency financial data
  E0253:  M. Oh, D. Kim
  Effect of the U.S.-China trade war on stock markets: A financial contagion perspective
Session EO037 Room: Virtual R10
Modern statistics for causality analysis and high-dimensional inference Saturday 04.6.2022   10:10 - 11:50
Chair: Shujie Ma Organizer: Shujie Ma
  E0245:  Z. Zhang, Z. Hu, D. Follmann, L. Nie
  Estimating the average treatment effect in randomized clinical trials with all-or-none compliance
  E0247:  H. Cai, Y. Shen, R. Song
  Doubly robust interval estimation for optimal policy evaluation in online learning
  E0257:  J. Zhao
  Statistical exploitation of unlabeled data under high dimensionality
  E0406:  Y. Zhu
  High-dimensional causal mediation analysis
Session EO247 Room: Virtual R11
Recent advances in biomedical and EHR data analysis Saturday 04.6.2022   10:10 - 11:50
Chair: Wenlin Dai Organizer: Wenlin Dai
  E0779:  X. Luo, Q. Wu
  Estimating heterogeneous gene regulatory networks from zero-inflated single-cell expression data
  E0782:  H. Zhou
  A modern theory for high-dimensional Cox regression models
  E0875:  K. He, R.K.W. Wong, Y. Zhou, F. Zhang
  Multivariate varying-coefficient models via tensor decomposition
  E1014:  H. Wu
  Use of electronic health records data for research: Challenges and opportunities
Session EO445 Room: Virtual R12
Recent advances in reliability and counting processes Saturday 04.6.2022   10:10 - 11:50
Chair: Tony Sit Organizer: Tony Sit
  E0246:  T. Sit
  Distributed censored quantile regression
  E0249:  M.H. Ling
  Likelihood inference for one-shot device testing under frailty models
  E1013:  C.W. Chu, T. Sit, Z. Ying
  Censored quantile regression with time-dependent covariates
  E1021:  P.S.B. Chan
  On the computation of system signature
Session EO095 Room: Virtual R13
Learning from complex data: New directions and innovations Saturday 04.6.2022   10:10 - 11:50
Chair: Shan Yu Organizer: Guannan Wang
  E0822:  S. Yu, A. Kusmec, L. Wang, D. Nettleton
  Fusion learning of functional linear regression with application to genotype-by-environment interaction studies
  E0853:  L. Wang, Y. Wang, G. Wang
  Statistical inference for mean functions of 3D functional objects
  E0878:  M. Tadesse
  Variable selection in mixture models via stochastic partitioning
  E0952:  L. Kong
  A Gaussian copula function-on-scalar regression in reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces
Session EO099 Room: Virtual R2
Advances in Bayesian methodology and computation Saturday 04.6.2022   10:10 - 11:50
Chair: James Flegal Organizer: James Flegal
  E0544:  D. Vats, M. Agarwal
  Globally-centered autocovariances in MCMC
  E0551:  Z. Li
  Bayesian latent class model for multi-source domain adaptation
  E0754:  J. Flegal, D. Vats
  Lugsail lag windows for estimating time-average covariance matrices
  E0943:  A. King
  Semiparametric Bayesian discrete event time modeling
Session EO209 Room: Virtual R3
Recent advances on statistical modeling of complex data Saturday 04.6.2022   10:10 - 11:50
Chair: Youngdeok Hwang Organizer: Xinwei Deng
  E0966:  B.-J. Kim, I. Kim
  Joint semiparametric kernel machine network regression
  E0976:  S. Kim
  Time delay estimation of traffic congestion based on statistical causality
  E0938:  Y. Hwang
  Bayesian model calibration and sensitivity analysis for oscillating biological experiments
  E0591:  K. Zhu, H. Liu, Y. Yang
  Blocking, rerandomization, and regression adjustment in randomized experiments with high-dimensional covariates
Session EO223 Room: Virtual R4
Recent advances in financial time series Saturday 04.6.2022   10:10 - 11:50
Chair: Cathy W-S Chen Organizer: Cathy W-S Chen
  E0242:  L.-H. Sun
  Online change point detection via copula based Markov models
  E0269:  S.-F. Huang, H.-H. Chiang, Y.-J. Lin
  A network autoregressive model with GARCH effects and its applications
  E0310:  H.-W. Teng, W.K. Haerdle
  Pricing and hedging crypto options
  E0489:  E.M.-H. Lin
  A Bayesian analysis in long- and short-term financial volatility components with mixture distributions
Session EO359 Room: Virtual R5
Tensor and multilayer networks Saturday 04.6.2022   10:10 - 11:50
Chair: Ivor Cribben Organizer: Ivor Cribben
  E0579:  M. Yuan, Z. Shang
  Statistical limits for testing the correlation of hypergraphs
  E0725:  Y. Yuan
  Community detection with dependent connectivity
  E0817:  W. Zhang, I. Cribben, S. Petrone, M. Guindani
  Bayesian time-varying tensor vector autoregressive models for dynamic effective connectivity
  E0959:  D. Ofori-Boateng
  Time series of weakly dependent tensors
Session EO283 Room: Virtual R6
Recent development in complex data analysis Saturday 04.6.2022   10:10 - 11:50
Chair: Yanlin Tang Organizer: Yanlin Tang
  E0178:  X. Jiang
  Distributed variable selection for sparse regression under memory constraints
  E0191:  X. Wang
  Robust distributed learning
  E0302:  P. Zhao
  Bayesian empirical likelihood inference with complex survey data
  E0351:  T. Li
  A regression framework of integrating genetic, imaging, and clinical data with applications
Session EO313 Room: Virtual R7
Nonparametric and semiparametric statistics Saturday 04.6.2022   10:10 - 11:50
Chair: Yoshihiko Nishiyama Organizer: Yoshihiko Nishiyama
  E0433:  M. Iwasawa, Y. Nishiyama, K. Hitomi
  Optimal minimax rates of specification testing with data-driven bandwidth
  E0439:  Y. Maesono, S. Penev
  Improved confidence intervals for expectiles in risk management
  E0429:  Y. Kakizawa
  Asymmetric kernel density estimation for biased data
  E0425:  Y. Nishiyama, S. Imai
  Higher-order asymptotic properties of the kernel density estimator with plug-in bandwidth
Session EO319 Room: Virtual R8
Recent advances in Bayesian data analysis Saturday 04.6.2022   10:10 - 11:50
Chair: Weixuan Zhu Organizer: Weixuan Zhu
  E0566:  Y. Ni
  Ordinal causal discovery
  E0585:  S. Wang
  Bayesian parameter inference and model selection for differential equation models
  E1030:  W. Zhu
  Covariate dependent Beta-GOS process
  E0511:  K.-D. Dang, L. Ryan, R. Cook, T. Akkaya-Hocagil, S. Jacobson, J. Jacobson
  Bayesian outcome selection modelling
Session EO335 Room: Virtual R9
Design and analysis of experiments Saturday 04.6.2022   10:10 - 11:50
Chair: Boxin Tang Organizer: Boxin Tang
  E0200:  J. Zhou
  Computing multiple-objective optimal regression designs via CVX
  E0337:  Y. He, G. Chen
  Linear orthogonal arrays of strength three and their applications
  E0476:  G. Chen, B. Tang
  A study of orthogonal array-based designs under a broad class of space-filling criteria
  E1018:  M.-Q. Liu
  Column-orthogonal strong orthogonal arrays
Parallel session C: EcoSta2022 Saturday 04.6.2022 13:00 - 14:40

Session EI009 Room: 101 (Hybrid 1)
Recent advances in Bayesian econometrics and statistics (virtual) Saturday 04.6.2022   13:00 - 14:40
Chair: Toshiaki Watanabe Organizer: Toshiaki Watanabe
  E0153:  M. So
  Bayesian analysis of multiple networks for financial risk management
  E0154:  C.W.-S. Chen, K.Y.-K. Wang
  On the quantile market risk factor model with heteroskedasticity, skewness, and leptokurtosis
  E0684:  J. Nakajima
  Measuring regional economic uncertainty
Session EO183 Room: 102 (Hybrid 2)
Empirical covariance operators and beyond Saturday 04.6.2022   13:00 - 14:40
Chair: Moritz Jirak Organizer: Moritz Jirak
  E0308:  M. Lopes, B. Erichson, M. Mahoney
  Bootstrapping the operator norm in high dimensions: Error estimation for covariance matrices and sketching
  E0603:  X. Ding
  Optimal and adaptive invariant shrinkage estimators for general large covariance and precision matrices
  E0813:  M. Wahl, M. Jirak
  Quantitative limit theorems and bootstrap approximations for empirical spectral projectors
  E0941:  N. Parolya, J. Heiny, D. Kurowicka
  Logarithmic law for large sample correlation matrices
Session EO325 Room: 103 (Hybrid 3)
Data science in social science Saturday 04.6.2022   13:00 - 14:40
Chair: Yasumasa Matsuda Organizer: Yasumasa Matsuda
  E0350:  T. Ishihara
  Panel data quantile regression for treatment effect models
  E0460:  M. Yuda, F. Chen, M. Wakabayashi
  Health transition after retirement: Empirical evidence from public pension reform in Japan
  E0602:  Y. Matsuda
  Convolutional regression for big spatial data
  E0926:  S.I.-M. Ko
  Indian buffet process factor model for counterfactual analysis
Session EO113 Room: 104 (Hybrid 4)
Regime switching and change dynamics Saturday 04.6.2022   13:00 - 14:40
Chair: Matus Maciak Organizer: Matus Maciak
  E0479:  M. Pesta, M. Maciak, O. Okhrin
  Infinitely stochastic micro forecasting
  E0480:  M. Maciak, M. Pesta, G. Ciuperca
  Real-time changepoint detection in a nonlinear expectile model
  E0550:  O. Okhrin, N. Gillmann
  Economic policy uncertainty with ada-net
  E0834:  I. Mizera
  Nonparametric maximum likelihood and related methods in infinite-dimensional situations: Convex optimization aspects
Session EO423 Room: 105 (Hybrid 5)
Joint modeling of complex dependent data Saturday 04.6.2022   13:00 - 14:40
Chair: Xinyuan Song Organizer: Xinyuan Song
  E0348:  T. Emura, V. Rondeau, S. Casimir
  Conditional copula models for correlated survival endpoints in individual patient data meta-analysis
  E0504:  R. Sun, X. Song
  A tree-based Bayesian accelerated failure time cure model for estimating heterogeneous treatment effect
  E0505:  Y. Lin, Q. Fan, X. Song
  Robust joint estimation of treatment effect via possible dependent instrumental variables
  E0647:  J. Pan, L. Zhang
  Bayesian adaptive lasso factor analysis models with pre- and post-test binary data
Session EO285 Room: 106 (Hybrid 6)
Advances in analysis of complex dependent data Saturday 04.6.2022   13:00 - 14:40
Chair: Takashi Owada Organizer: Shuyang Bai
  E0618:  T. Owada
  Large deviation principle for geometric and topological functionals and associated point processes
  E0752:  F. Fang, A. Belloni, A. Volfovsky
  Adaptive estimators for causal effects under network interference
  E0930:  A. Betken
  Testing for the independence of long-range dependent time series based on distance correlation
  E0964:  T. Zhang
  High quantile regression for tail dependent time series
Session EO235 Room: 107 (Hybrid 7)
Bayesian methods and their applications Saturday 04.6.2022   13:00 - 14:40
Chair: Kuo-Jung Lee Organizer: Kuo-Jung Lee, Ray-Bing Chen
  E0626:  K. Irie, A. Tevfik, C. Glynn
  Sequential forecasting for bursty count data
  E0692:  H. Kang, I. Lyu, K. Albert, B. Boyd, B. Landman, W. Taylor
  A comparison of whole brain connectivity between depressed and non-depressed using a Bayesian spatio-temporal model
  E0774:  L. Wei-Ting
  Variational Bayesian inference for network autoregression models
Session EO039 Room: Virtual R1
Modeling tail events Saturday 04.6.2022   13:00 - 14:40
Chair: Abdelaati Daouia Organizer: Abdelaati Daouia
  E0787:  A. Usseglio-Carleve, G. Stupfler
  Composite bias-reduced Lp-quantile-based estimators of extreme quantiles and expectiles
  E0624:  G. Stupfler, A. Daouia, S. Padoan
  Optimal pooling and distributed inference for the tail index and extreme quantiles
  E0328:  M. Allouche, S. Girard, E. Gobet
  EV-GAN: Simulation of extreme events with ReLU neural networks
  E0458:  C. Adam, I. Gijbels
  Conditional expectile-based risk measures
Session EO117 Room: Virtual R2
Statistical network data analysis Saturday 04.6.2022   13:00 - 14:40
Chair: Binyan Jiang Organizer: Binyan Jiang
  E0254:  L. Ting
  Supervised centrality via sparse spatial autoregression, with an application to 2021 Henan floods social network
  E0592:  T. Zou
  Quasi-score matching estimation for spatial autoregressive models with random weights matrix and regressors
  E0846:  T. Li, C.M. Le
  Linear regression and its inference on noisy network-linked data
  E0849:  D. Durante
  Extended stochastic block models via Gibbs-type priors
Session EO185 Room: Virtual R3
On the second-order dynamics of intricate functional data Saturday 04.6.2022   13:00 - 14:40
Chair: Alessia Caponera Organizer: Alessia Caponera
  E0296:  T. Hsing, S. Stoev, R. Kartsioukas
  Spectral density estimation of function-valued spatial processes
  E0969:  A. van Delft, H. Dette
  Pivotal tests for relevant differences in the second order dynamics of functional time series
  E0265:  S. Tavakoli, M. Hallin, G. Nisol
  Factor models for high-dimensional functional time series
  E0780:  N. Mohammadi Jouzdani, L. Santoro, V. Panaretos
  Nonparametric statistical inference for i.i.d. sparsely observed diffusions: An FDA perspective
Session EO151 Room: Virtual R4
Non-linear dependence in multivariate time series Saturday 04.6.2022   13:00 - 14:40
Chair: Hernando Ombao Organizer: Hernando Ombao
  E0236:  A. Shojaie
  Estimation and inference for networks of multi-experiment point processes
  E0563:  M.K. Chung, H. Ombao, S. Dakurah
  Dynamic topological data analysis on time varying trees and cycles
  E0617:  J. Goldsmith, A. Garcia de la Garza, B. Sauerbrei, A. Hantman
  Adaptive functional principal component analysis
  E0998:  R. Huser, M. Guerrero, H. Ombao
  Conex-connect: Learning patterns in extremal brain connectivity from multi-channel EEG data
Session EO375 Room: Virtual R5
Recent advances on actuarial theory and statistics Saturday 04.6.2022   13:00 - 14:40
Chair: Yiying Zhang Organizer: Yiying Zhang
  E0634:  Y. Zhang
  Distortion risk contribution ratio measures: Definitions and comparisons
  E0704:  G. Gao
  Double boosting of mean and dispersion in Tweedie's compound Poisson model with pre-defined base learners
  E0711:  Y. Yong, Y. Zhang
  Credibility theory for mean-variance premium principles
  E0800:  Y. Wang
  Optimal reinsurance for multivariate risks
Session EO029 Room: Virtual R6
Spatial data modeling: Theory and applications Saturday 04.6.2022   13:00 - 14:40
Chair: Pavel Krupskiy Organizer: Pavel Krupskiy
  E0371:  T. Chu
  Mixed domain asymptotics for geostatistical processes
  E0484:  G. Qian, A. Tordesillas, H. Zheng
  Landslide forecast by time series modelling and analytics of high-dimensional and non-stationary ground motion data
  E0557:  S. Mondal, S. Abdulah, H. Ltaief, Y. Sun, M. Genton, D. Keyes
  Parallel approximations of the Tukey g-and-h likelihoods and predictions for non-Gaussian geostatistics
  E0731:  B. Nasri
  Spatio-temporal Markov regime-switching models based on copulas
Session EO181 Room: Virtual R7
Recent advances in time series econometrics Saturday 04.6.2022   13:00 - 14:40
Chair: Jihyun Kim Organizer: Jihyun Kim
  E0196:  N. Salish, S. Otto
  Dynamic factor model for functional time series: Identification, estimation, and prediction
  E0289:  A. Bykhovskaya, V. Gorin
  Cointegration in large VARs
  E0438:  M. Yamashita
  Option-implied forecasts with robust change of measure
  E0473:  B. Hu
  Asymptotics of functional principal component analysis with weakly dependent data
Session EO269 Room: Virtual R8
Recent advances in time series analysis Saturday 04.6.2022   13:00 - 14:40
Chair: Kaiji Motegi Organizer: Kaiji Motegi
  E0695:  K. Zhu
  Multifrequency-band tests for white noise under heteroscedasticity
  E0913:  D. Nagakura, T. Watanabe
  State-space method for the quadratic estimator of integrated variance in the presence of market microstructure noise
  E0186:  Y. Iitsuka, K. Motegi
  Regional interdependence of the Japan REIT market: A heteroscedasticity-robust time series approach
  E0183:  K. Motegi, J. Dennis, S. Hamori
  Conditional threshold autoregression (CoTAR)
Session EO257 Room: Virtual R9
Estimation for semi-parametric mixture model Saturday 04.6.2022   13:00 - 14:40
Chair: Marie du Roy de Chaumaray Organizer: Marie du Roy de Chaumaray
  E0475:  K. Shimotsu, H. Kasahara
  Testing the order of multivariate normal mixture models
  E0193:  M. Marbac, M. du Roy de Chaumaray
  Full model estimation for non-parametric multivariate finite mixture models
  E0301:  G. Chagny, A. Channarond, V.H. Hoang, A. Roche
  Adaptive estimation of the nonparametric component under a two-class mixture model
  E0180:  W. Yao
  Semiparametric mixture of regression with unspecied error distributions
Parallel session E: EcoSta2022 Saturday 04.6.2022 16:10 - 18:15

Session EV453 Room: Virtual R5
Contributions in methodological econometrics Saturday 04.6.2022   16:10 - 18:15
Chair: Wai-keung Li Organizer: EcoSta
  E0794:  G. Liu-Evans, G. Phillips
  The bias of the modified limited information maximum likelihood estimator in static simultaneous equation models
  E0799:  A. Quaini, F. Trojani
  Proximal estimation and inference
  E0434:  I. Paraskevopoulos
  The role of history in measurement
  E1038:  Z. Huang, C. Wang, J. Yao
  Detecting many weak instruments
Session EI005 Room: 101 (Hybrid 1)
Recent developments in econometric time series Saturday 04.6.2022   16:10 - 18:15
Chair: Masayuki Hirukawa Organizer: Masayuki Hirukawa
  E0157:  T. Yamagata, K. Hayakawa, G. Cui, S. Nagata
  A robust approach to slope heterogeneity in linear models with interactive effects for large panel data
  E0158:  A. Prokhorov, R. James, H. Leung
  A machine learning attack on illegal trading
  E1041:  M. Shintani, T. Kurita
  Johansen test with Fourier-type smooth non-linear trends in cointegrating relations
Session EO137 Room: 102 (Hybrid 2)
Finance and macroeconometrics Saturday 04.6.2022   16:10 - 18:15
Chair: Etsuro Shioji Organizer: Etsuro Shioji
  E0452:  T. Matsuki
  Revisiting output convergence and economic growth determinants in OECD and some emerging countries
  E0424:  S.H. Lee, K.H. Kang
  Term premiums and regime-switching prices of macro risks
  E0233:  Y. Yoshida, Y. Sasaki, S. Zhang, W. Zhai
  Exchange rate pass-through under the unconventional monetary policy regime
  E0216:  K.H. Kang, K. Kim
  When aggregate stock returns are negatively-skewed: International evidence
  E0300:  E. Shioji
  The pandemic and government bonds: Evidence from volatility smiles in Japan
Session EO225 Room: 103 (Hybrid 3)
Recent advances in survival analysis Saturday 04.6.2022   16:10 - 18:15
Chair: Byungtae Seo Organizer: Sangwook Kang
  E0342:  T.-S. Lu
  Semiparametric accelerated failure time model with interval-censored data under outcome-dependent sampling design
  E0584:  S. Kim, S. Kang
  Quantile residual life regression analysis of HIV/AIDS patients in Korea
  E0653:  K. Beppu, K. Morikawa, J. Im
  Imputation with verifiable identification condition for nonignorable missing outcomes
  E0775:  B. Seo, S. Kang
  Accelerated failure time modelling via nonparametric mixtures
  E0906:  J. Im, T. Park, S. Kang
  Fractional imputation approach for Cox regression with missing covariate
Session EO271 Room: 104 (Hybrid 4)
Learning and modelling of complex time series and spatial processes Saturday 04.6.2022   16:10 - 18:15
Chair: Zudi Lu Organizer: Zudi Lu
  E0423:  A. Gupta, M.H. Seo
  Robust inference on infinite and growing dimensional time series regression
  E0485:  T. Kihara
  Nonparametric maximum likelihood estimation for GINAR(p) models
  E0582:  F. Akashi, J. Hirukawa, K. Fokianos
  Weighted estimation procedures for time-varying heavy-tailed processes
  E0632:  L. Wang, Z. Lu
  Adaptive group fused Lasso for panel threshold model with cross-sectional dependence
  E0884:  Z. Lu, X. Ren, R. Zhang
  On dynamic functional-coefficient autoregressive spatio-temporal models with irregular location wide nonstationarity
Session EO377 Room: 105 (Hybrid 5)
Data analytics in statistics and econometrics Saturday 04.6.2022   16:10 - 18:15
Chair: Cy Sin Organizer: Cy Sin
  E0258:  H.-L. Hsu
  A greedy active learning algorithm in multinomial logistic regression
  E0299:  H.H. Kwok
  Shrinkage estimations for social interactions models
  E0791:  J.-H. Su
  No-regret forecasting with egalitarian committees
  E0857:  S.-Y. Yin
  Regularized estimation in dynamic panel with a multifactor error structure
  E0911:  W.-Y. Wu
  Parameter estimation in a biomechanical model with multiplicative errors
Session EO391 Room: 107 (Hybrid 7)
Recent advances in shrinkage estimation Saturday 04.6.2022   16:10 - 18:15
Chair: Yuzo Maruyama Organizer: Yuzo Maruyama
  E0338:  Y. Hamura
  Bayesian shrinkage estimation for stratified count data
  E0524:  C.-H. Yang, H. Doss, B. Vemuri
  An empirical Bayes approach to shrinkage estimation on the manifold of symmetric positive-definite matrices
  E0717:  T. Matsuda
  Adapting to arbitrary quadratic loss via singular value shrinkage
  E0841:  R. Yuasa, T. Kubokawa
  Weighted shrinkage estimators of normal mean matrices
  E0742:  M. Okudo, F. Komaki
  Bayes extended estimators with shrinkage priors for multivariate normal models
Session EO215 Room: Virtual R1
Bayesian computation for complex models Saturday 04.6.2022   16:10 - 18:15
Chair: David Nott Organizer: David Nott
  E0164:  S.L.L. Tan
  Efficient data augmentation techniques for state space models
  E0240:  D. Nott, X. Yu, M.S. Smith
  Variational inference for cutting feedback with misspecified models
  E0252:  M. Smith, R. Loaiza-Maya, D. Nott, P. Danaher
  Fast and accurate variational inference for models with many latent variables
  E0448:  C. Drovandi, B. Lawson, A. Browning, A. Jenner
  Population calibration using likelihood-free Bayesian inference
  E0847:  R. Kohn, D. Nott, D. Gunawan
  Flexible variational Bayes based on a copula of a mixture of normals
Session EO438 Room: Virtual R2
Recent advances in Machine Learning Saturday 04.6.2022   16:10 - 18:15
Chair: Bharath Sriperumbudur Organizer: Bharath Sriperumbudur
  E0316:  Z. Szabo, P.-C. Aubin-Frankowski
  When shape constraints meet kernel machines
  E0317:  K. Balasubramanian
  Fractal Gaussian networks: A sparse random graph model based on Gaussian multiplicative chaos
  E0318:  Y. Mroueh
  Measuring generalization with optimal transport
  E0314:  M. Arbel
  Annealed flow transport Monte Carlo
  E0545:  K. Muandet
  Modern kernel methods for econometrics
Session EO169 Room: Virtual R3
Extreme value analysis in time and space Saturday 04.6.2022   16:10 - 18:15
Chair: Gilles Stupfler Organizer: Gilles Stupfler
  E0477:  M. Oesting
  Long range dependence in the tails
  E0636:  A. Daouia, T. Laurent, G. Stupfler
  Heavy-tailed extremile regression in risky seismic areas
  E0675:  R. Kulik
  Asymptotic expansions for blocks estimators of cluster indices
  E0798:  S. Padoan, G. Stupfler, A. Davison
  Tail risk inference via expectiles in heavy-tailed time series
Session EO189 Room: Virtual R4
Bayesian methods in economics Saturday 04.6.2022   16:10 - 18:15
Chair: Veronica Ballerini Organizer: Veronica Ballerini
  E0605:  F. DAmario, M. Ciganovic
  Forecasting cryptocurrencies log-returns: A Bayesian approach using social media sentiment indexes
  E0651:  G. Grossi, M. Mariani, A. Mattei, F. Mealli
  Bayesian principal stratification with longitudinal data and truncation by death
  E0667:  S. Noirjean, M. Biggeri, L. Forastiere, F. Mealli, M. Nannini
  Estimating causal effects of community health financing via principal stratification
  E0858:  R. Barone, V. Ballerini, B. Liseo
  Modelling preferences via Wallenius process
Session EO329 Room: Virtual R7
Statistics to improve the development of cultivars Saturday 04.6.2022   16:10 - 18:15
Chair: Reka Howard Organizer: Hiroyoshi Iwata, Reka Howard, Bertrand Clarke
  E0837:  K. Hamazaki, H. Iwata
  Future-oriented strategy via simulations optimizes breeding schemes with selection indices
  E0840:  M. Delattre, H. Iwata, J. Tressou
  Modelling soybean growth: A nonlinear mixed model approach
  E0873:  G. Morota
  Genome-enabled analysis of time-series high-throughput phenotyping data
  E0891:  A. Onogi
  Prediction of flowering and maturity time of soybean using stacking
  E0803:  R. Howard, V. Manthena, D. Jarquin
  Sparse classification with multi-type data
Session EO251 Room: Virtual R8
Advanced statistical methods in economics and finance Saturday 04.6.2022   16:10 - 18:15
Chair: Huei-Wen Teng Organizer: Huei-Wen Teng
  E0291:  Y.-C. Hsu
  Testing monotonicity of mean potential outcomes in a continuous treatment
  E0305:  Y.-M. Yen
  Estimations of the conditional tail average treatment effect
  E0923:  Y.-Y. Tzeng
  Monte Carlo simulation and its applications
  E0972:  W.-C. Miao, X.C.-S. Lin, H.Y.-J. Chien
  Analysis of value-at-risk and expected shortfall under a jump-diffusion model with left-skewed jump sizes
  E1009:  M.-K. Chen, M.-E. Wu, W.-S. Wu
  Quantitative trading of vertical spread option strategies with stop-loss by machine learning
Session EO395 Room: Virtual R9
Statistics on shapes and manifolds Saturday 04.6.2022   16:10 - 18:15
Chair: Joern Schulz Organizer: Joern Schulz
  E0221:  S. Sommer
  Stochastic shape analysis and probabilistic geometric statistics
  E0347:  E. Grong, S. Sommer
  Most probable paths for anisotropic Brownian motions on manifolds
  E0627:  M. Taheri Shalmani, J. Schulz
  Statistical analysis of locally parameterized shapes
  E0697:  Z. Liu
  Geometric and statistical models of analyzing two-object complexes
Session EC428 Room: 106 (Hybrid 6)
Contributions in financial econometrics (in-person) Saturday 04.6.2022   16:10 - 18:15
Chair: Yuta Koike Organizer: EcoSta
  E0722:  S. Hediger, J. Naef
  Shrinking in COMFORT
  E0786:  K. Chen, H.Y. Wong
  Duality in optimal consumption-investment problems with alternative data
  E0970:  Y. Chen, Y. Jiang, R. Gerlach
  On the construction of neural networks for value-at-risk forecasting
  E0948:  C.Y. Li, A. Shkolnik
  Factor analysis for heavy-tailed, heteroscedastic data
  E0671:  J. Magnus
  On the uncertainty of a combined forecast: The critical role of correlation
Parallel session F: EcoSta2022 Sunday 05.6.2022 08:00 - 10:05

Session EO417 Room: 101 (Hybrid 1)
Statistical applications in neuroscience Sunday 05.6.2022   08:00 - 10:05
Chair: Elizabeth Sweeney Organizer: Elizabeth Sweeney
  E0343:  K. Linn, R. Shinohara, J. Beer
  Longitudinal ComBat: A method for harmonizing longitudinal multi-scanner imaging data
  E0758:  E. Sweeney
  Quantitative susceptibility maps in multiple sclerosis lesions
  E0880:  J. Wrobel
  Modeling trajectories using functional linear first-order differential equations
  E1019:  T. Ogden, B. Shi
  Nonparametric functional data modeling of pharmacokinetic processes with applications in dynamic PET imaging
Session EO015 Room: 102 (Hybrid 2)
Recent developments on network and tensor data analysis Sunday 05.6.2022   08:00 - 10:05
Chair: Yuan Zhang Organizer: Yuan Zhang
  E0292:  C. Lam
  Rank and factor loadings estimation in time series tensor factor model by pre-averaging
  E0219:  Y. Zhen, J. Wang
  Community detection in general hypergraph via garph embedding
  E0332:  C. Lee, M. Wang
  Smooth tensor estimation with unknown permutations
  E0597:  D. Choi
  Randomization inference in experiments on networks
  E0831:  X. Han
  Individual-centered partial information in social networks
Session EO045 Room: 103 (Hybrid 3)
Precision medicine with complete data (virtual) Sunday 05.6.2022   08:00 - 10:05
Chair: Yifan Cui Organizer: Zeyu Bian, Yifan Cui
  E0889:  C. Shi
  A reinforcement learning framework for A/B testing
  E0951:  Z. Bian, E. Moodie, S. Bhatnagar
  Variable selection for individualized treatment rules with discrete outcomes
  E0904:  Y. Wu, L. Wang, H. Fu
  Model-assisted uniformly honest inference for optimal treatment regimes in high dimension
  E0900:  M. Li, C. Shi, Z. Wu, P. Fryzlewicz
  Reinforcement learning in possibly nonstationary environments
  E0898:  Y. Zhang, J. Bradic, W. Ji
  Dynamic treatment effects: High-dimensional inference under model misspecification
Session EO097 Room: 104 (Hybrid 4)
New frontiers in network data analysis Sunday 05.6.2022   08:00 - 10:05
Chair: Emma Jingfei Zhang Organizer: Emma Jingfei Zhang
  E0462:  E.J. Zhang
  Using maximum entry-wise deviation to test the goodness-of-fit for stochastic block models
  E0499:  J. Stewart
  Learning cross-layer dependence structure for multilayer networks
  E0751:  S. Paul
  Modeling continuous-time networks of relational events
  E1008:  S. Sengupta, M. Pensky, S. Bhadra
  Scalable community detection in massive networks via predictive inference
  E0957:  N. Egami
  Identification and estimation of causal peer effects using double negative controls for unmeasured network confounding
Session EO195 Room: 105 (Hybrid 5)
Semi-parametric inference and modeling with shape-constraints (virtual) Sunday 05.6.2022   08:00 - 10:05
Chair: Hyebin Song Organizer: Hyebin Song
  E0815:  Y.E. Shin
  Joint estimation of monotone curves via functional principal component analysis
  E0823:  T. Westling, Y. Wu
  Nonparametric inference under a monotone hazard ratio order
  E0835:  Y. Miyatake, T. Matsuda
  Piecewise monotone estimation in one-parameter exponential families
  E0907:  S. Acharyya, D. Pati, D. Bandyopadhyay
  A monotone single index model for missing-at-random longitudinal proportion data
Session EO049 Room: 106 (Hybrid 6)
Adaptive clinical trial design Sunday 05.6.2022   08:00 - 10:05
Chair: Yisheng Li Organizer: Yisheng Li
  E0896:  H. Pan
  Platform designs with added new arms
  E0932:  Y. Li
  A semi-mechanistic dose-finding design in oncology using pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modeling
  E0954:  Y. Li
  A Bayesian adaptive design for pediatric basket trials
  E1004:  A. Nakakura, S. Morita, Y. Sugitani, H. Yamamoto
  Biomarker-based Bayesian randomized clinical trial design for identifying a target population
Session EO109 Room: 107 (Hybrid 7)
Causal inference and reinforcement learning (virtual) Sunday 05.6.2022   08:00 - 10:05
Chair: Peter Song Organizer: Peter Song
  E0167:  X. Shi
  Theory for identification and inference with synthetic controls: A proximal causal inference framework
  E0346:  P. Song, S. Purkayastha
  Learning causal directionality via a directed entropy-information metric
  E0508:  K.M. Tan
  Directed acyclic graphs with unmeasured confounders using instrumental variables
  E0990:  Z. Wu
  Opportunities for causal inference and reinforcement learning in real-world interventional mobile health studies
Session EO023 Room: Virtual R1
Modern multivariate methods for multifaceted data Sunday 05.6.2022   08:00 - 10:05
Chair: Anuradha Roy Organizer: Anuradha Roy
  E0204:  Y. Wang
  A nonparametric mixed-effects mixture model for patterns of clinical measurements associated with COVID-19
  E0266:  W.-L. Wang
  Multivariate-t linear mixed models for longitudinal data with censored and intermittent missing responses
  E0280:  T.-I. Lin
  Mixtures of unrestricted skew normal factor analyzers with incomplete data
  E0311:  B. Chakraborty
  Quantum enhanced feature subset selection
  E0642:  K. Hirose, K. Teramoto
  Penalized likelihood approach in multivariate regression with missing values and its application to materials science
Session EO293 Room: Virtual R10
Inference of hierarchical and nonparametric structures Sunday 05.6.2022   08:00 - 10:05
Chair: Minwoo Chae Organizer: Long Nguyen
  E0272:  M. Chae
  Deep generative models for nonparametric estimation of singular distributions
  E0362:  J. Miller, E. Weinstein
  Bayesian data selection
  E0547:  Y. Wei, S. Mukherjee, L. Nguyen
  A unified framework for parameters estimation in finite mixture models
  E0535:  S. Mano
  Max-infinitely divisible processes with exchangeability and their inference
  E0698:  N. Ho
  On the multivariate Fourier integral theorem: Statistical and methodological perspectives
Session EO409 Room: Virtual R11
Modern statistical methods for complex data analysis Sunday 05.6.2022   08:00 - 10:05
Chair: Pai-Ling Li Organizer: Jeng-Min Chiou
  E1036:  Y. Kim, I. Kong, J. park
  Sparse Bayesian CNN
  E0860:  C.-T. Chiang
  Semi-supervised learning using elliptical distributions with unknown density generators
  E0845:  H. Matsui
  Truncated estimation for functional linear model and its application to agricultural data
  E0710:  P.-L. Li, J.-M. Chiou
  Generalized linear model with functional covariate and its derivatives
Session EO061 Room: Virtual R12
New horizons in longitudinal studies Sunday 05.6.2022   08:00 - 10:05
Chair: MinJae Lee Organizer: Hyunkeun Cho
  E0657:  E. Hector, J. Wang, L. Luo
  Statistical inference for streamed longitudinal data
  E0795:  S. Kim, S. Wang, H. Cho, W. Chang
  Predictive model for sparse longitudinal data
  E0968:  X. Dai, J. Qiu, Z. Zhu
  Nonparametric estimation of repeated densities with heterogeneous sample sizes
  E1037:  J. Ahn
  Bayesian analysis of longitudinal dyadic/multiple outcome data with informative missing data
Session EO289 Room: Virtual R13
Estimation and hypothesis testing Sunday 05.6.2022   08:00 - 10:05
Chair: Xuejun Jiang Organizer: Xuejun Jiang
  E0598:  J. Jiang
  Nonnested model selection based on empirical likelihood ratio
  E0175:  Y. Tang
  Multiply robust estimation of quantile treatment effects with missing responses
  E0919:  F. Chen, W. Rao, X. Liu
  Local influence analysis for the sliced average third-moment estimation
  E0973:  P. Liu
  Robust estimation and test for Pearson's correlation coefficient
Session EO043 Room: Virtual R2
Machine learning and stability Sunday 05.6.2022   08:00 - 10:05
Chair: Andreas Christmann Organizer: Andreas Christmann
  E0205:  Y. Ying
  Simple stochastic and online gradient decent algorithms for pairwise learning
  E0283:  B. Sriperumbudur, S. Viswanath, K. Fukumizu, S. Kuruki
  Robust topological inference
  E0330:  X. Guo, X. Chen, B. Tang, J. Fan, Z.-C. Guo, L. shi
  Convergence of stochastic gradient descent algorithms for functional data learning
  E0203:  A. Christmann
  Qualitative robustness of divide-and-conquer methods for large data sets
Session EO233 Room: Virtual R3
New challenges for sparse methods Sunday 05.6.2022   08:00 - 10:05
Chair: Qing Mai Organizer: Qing Mai
  E0182:  Q. Li
  An efficient greedy search algorithm for high-dimensional linear discriminant analysis
  E0270:  N. Wang, Q. Mai, X. Zhang
  Tensor t distribution and tensor response regression
  E0303:  Y. Gu, H. Zou
  Sparse composite quantile regression with consistent parameter tuning
  E0306:  Q. Mai
  A doubly-enhanced EM algorithm for model-based tensor clustering
  E0700:  J. Wang
  Signed network embedding and its applications to detection of communities and anomalies
Session EO249 Room: Virtual R4
Trend and change-point analysis in time series Sunday 05.6.2022   08:00 - 10:05
Chair: Kin Wai Chan Organizer: Kin Wai Chan
  E0312:  L. Chen, J. Li, W. Wang, W.B. Wu
  $L_2-L_\infty$ inference of breaks for high dimensional time series
  E0315:  R. Wang, X. Shao, S. Volgushev, C. Zhu
  Statistical inference for change points in high-dimensional data
  E0542:  H.K. To, K.W. Chan
  Inference of signal variance in time series for mean stationarity test
  E0321:  F. Jiang, Z. Zhao, X. Shao
  Segmenting time series via self-normalization
  E0539:  K.W. Chan, C.H. Cheng
  A general framework for constructing locally self-normalized multiple-change-point tests
Session EO401 Room: Virtual R5
Machine learning using experimental design ideas Sunday 05.6.2022   08:00 - 10:05
Chair: Lin Wang Organizer: Lin Wang
  E0619:  Q. Xiao
  A scalable Gaussian process for large-scale periodic data
  E0764:  X. Zhang, Z. Qi, R. Miao
  Proximal learning for individualized treatment regimes under unmeasured confounding
  E0635:  N.M. Xi
  scSampler: Fast diversity-preserving subsampling of large-scale single-cell transcriptomic data
  E0914:  C. Shi, B. Tang
  Model-robust subdata selection for big data
  E0727:  L. Wang
  Balanced subsampling for big data with categorical predictors
Session EO365 Room: Virtual R6
Advanced methods in large-scale biomedical data analysis Sunday 05.6.2022   08:00 - 10:05
Chair: Bingxin Zhao Organizer: Bingxin Zhao
  E0468:  G. Li
  Integration of imaging and sequencing data in the context of visual cell sorting
  E0491:  Z. Yu
  BRIDGE: A novel transcriptome-wide association analysis framework for biomarker identification
  E0622:  Y. Zhang, D. Gan, G. Yin
  The graphical R2D2 estimator for the precision matrices
  E0652:  L. Feng
  SKPD: A general framework of signal region detection in image regression
  E0683:  X. Li, Z. Li, X. Lin
  Scalable rare variant meta-analysis of sequencing studies using summary statistics and functional annotations
Session EO419 Room: Virtual R7
Interval-censored failure time data (for Jianguo Sun 60th birthday) Sunday 05.6.2022   08:00 - 10:05
Chair: Yang-Jin Kim Organizer: Yang-Jin Kim
  E0324:  Y. Li, B. Zhang
  Semiparametric analysis of multivariate recurrent events with informative censoring
  E0366:  H. Wang
  Optimal subsampling for massive survival data
  E0789:  Y.-J. Kim
  Prediction accuracy for joint model of interval-censored data and longitudinal markers
  E0812:  D. Park
  Joint modeling of multivariate longitudinal data and recurrent events: Application to the urea cycle disorders study
  E0872:  L. Wang, Y. Mao, X. sui
  Bayesian joint analysis of longitudinal data and interval-censored failure time data
Session EO133 Room: Virtual R8
Machine learning for modern data Sunday 05.6.2022   08:00 - 10:05
Chair: Hongxiao Zhu Organizer: Hongxiao Zhu
  E0341:  A. Bui
  Dimension reduction with prior information for knowledge discovery
  E0360:  J. Heng, A. Doucet, V. De Bortoli, J. Thorton
  Diffusion Schrodinger bridge with applications to score-based generative modeling
  E0641:  H. Zhu, S. Huo
  Model data heterogeneity with Dirichlet diffusion trees
  E0756:  K. Fallah, M. Connor, C. Rozell
  Learning the data manifold for reusable augmentations
  E0685:  Y. Wei
  Minimum L1 interpolators: Precise asymptotics and multiple descent
Session EO073 Room: Virtual R9
Advances in nonparametric and semiparametric panel data models Sunday 05.6.2022   08:00 - 10:05
Chair: Alexandra Soberon Organizer: Alexandra Soberon
  E0220:  L.A. Arteaga Molina, J.M. Rodriguez-Poo
  Testing beta constancy in asset pricing models
  E0281:  D. Henderson
  Estimation of a varying coefficient, fixed-effects Cobb-Douglas production function in levels
  E0349:  J. Schnurbus, H. Haupt
  Nonparametric modeling of environmental time series distributions
  E0500:  A.A.Y. Pua, M. Fritsch, J. Schnurbus
  Practical aspects of using quadratic moment conditions in linear dynamic panel data models
  E0264:  A. Soberon, W. Stute
  Measurement errors in panel data regression: A direct estimation approach
Parallel session G: EcoSta2022 Sunday 05.6.2022 10:35 - 12:15

Session EO373 Room: 101 (Hybrid 1)
Advances in change-point detection methods Sunday 05.6.2022   10:35 - 12:15
Chair: Ali Shojaie Organizer: Ali Shojaie
  E0227:  O.H. Padilla
  Change point localization in dependent dynamic nonparametric random dot product graph
  E0790:  Y. Liu
  Detection of relevant changes in the frequency domain
  E1031:  G. Michailidis
  Multiple change point detection in reduced rank high dimensional vector autoregressive models
  E0844:  D. Cheng, Z. He, Y. Zhao
  Multiple testing of local extrema for detection of structural breaks in linear models
Session EO307 Room: 102 (Hybrid 2)
Recent advances in econometrics and machine learning Sunday 05.6.2022   10:35 - 12:15
Chair: Komsan Suriya Organizer: Qingfeng Liu
  E0169:  Y. Feng
  Transfer learning under high-dimensional generalized linear models
  E0278:  W. Wang
  Wild bootstrap for instrumental variables regressions with weak and few clusters
  E0507:  A. Shinkyu
  Small tuning parameter selection for the debiased lasso
  E0927:  K. Suriya
  Impact-based budgeting model and the simulation to target sectoral marginal impacts of R\&D investment
Session EO383 Room: 103 (Hybrid 3)
Recent developments in high-dimensional data analysis (virtual) Sunday 05.6.2022   10:35 - 12:15
Chair: Zhihua Su Organizer: Zhihua Su
  E0208:  Y. Dong
  Testing the linear mean and constant variance conditions in sufficient dimension reduction
  E0319:  K. Kim
  On sufficient graphical models
  E0320:  L. Xue, Q. Zhang, B. Li
  Dimension reduction and data visualization for Frechet regression
  E0807:  B. Li, K.-Y. Lee, L. Li
  Functional directed acyclic graphs
Session EO237 Room: 104 (Hybrid 4)
Recent advances in statistical inference Sunday 05.6.2022   10:35 - 12:15
Chair: Gourab Mukherjee Organizer: Gourab Mukherjee
  E0694:  B. Bhattacharya, S. Das, S. Mukherjee
  Motif estimation via subgraph sampling: The fourth-moment phenomenon
  E0766:  S. Mukherjee, N. Deb, R. Mukherjee, M. Yuan
  Global testing for dependent Bernoullis
  E0874:  R. Mukherjee
  On PC adjustments for high dimensional association studies
  E0962:  S. Chatterjee
  Cross-validation for signal denoising
Session EO295 Room: 105 (Hybrid 5)
Theory and algorithms for high-dimensional regression for big data (virtual) Sunday 05.6.2022   10:35 - 12:15
Chair: Peng Zeng Organizer: Peng Zeng
  E0293:  H. Zhou, J. Zhou, G. Li
  A robust joint model of longitudinal trajectories and time-to-event data at biobank scale
  E0606:  N. Lin, Y. Fan
  Residual projection for quantile regression
  E0877:  P. Zeng
  ODE-on-scalar regression with an application on COVID-19 data
  E0993:  H. Zhang
  Outlier detection in robust regression via chance-constrained programming
Session EO367 Room: 106 (Hybrid 6)
Recent advances in complex network analysis Sunday 05.6.2022   10:35 - 12:15
Chair: Yuan Zhang Organizer: Yunpeng Zhao
  E0188:  Y. Zhang
  L-2 regularized maximum likelihood for beta-model estimation in large and sparse networks
  E0631:  X. Li, Y. Zhao, Q. Pan, N. Hao
  Heterogeneous block covariance model for community detection
  E0869:  J. Nishimura, Y. Zhao
  Classically boosted network embeddings
  E0920:  B. Jiang
  An autoregressive beta-model for dynamic networks
Session EO281 Room: 107 (Hybrid 7)
Advances in functional data and networks analysis Sunday 05.6.2022   10:35 - 12:15
Chair: Jeng-Min Chiou Organizer: Jane-Ling Wang
  E0581:  P. Dubey
  Modeling time-varying random objects and dynamic networks
  E0736:  K. Kato, Y. Sasaki, H. Chiang
  Inference for high-dimensional exchangeable arrays with an application to network data
  E0454:  Q. Zhong, Z. Lin, J.-L. Wang
  Basis expansions for functional snippets
  E0793:  F. Yao, Y. Yang
  Online estimation for functional data
Session EO363 Room: Virtual R1
Recent advances in statistical learning and statistical modeling Sunday 05.6.2022   10:35 - 12:15
Chair: Jiwei Zhao Organizer: Jiwei Zhao
  E0224:  T. Ghosh, M. Yu, J. Zhao
  Optimal estimation of average treatment effect on the treated under endogeneous treatment assignment
  E0209:  G. Xu, G. Fang, H. Xu, X. Zhu, Y. Guan
  Group network Hawkes process
  E0340:  S. Ma
  Causal inference via artificial neural networks: From prediction to causation
  E0210:  X. Bi, X. Shen
  Distribution-invariant differential privacy
Session EO361 Room: Virtual R10
Semiparametric methods for causal inference Sunday 05.6.2022   10:35 - 12:15
Chair: Kendrick Li Organizer: Kendrick Li, Xu Shi
  E0335:  Y. Cui, M. Kosorok, E. Sverdrup, S. Wager, R. Zhu
  Estimating heterogeneous treatment effects with right-censored data via causal survival forests
  E0486:  B. Sun, Z. Liu, E. Tchetgen Tchetgen
  Semiparametric efficient G-estimation with invalid instrumental variables
  E0866:  K. Li, X. Shi, W. Miao, E. Tchetgen Tchetgen
  Double negative control inference in test-negative design studies of vaccine effectiveness
  E0852:  W. Miao
  Semiparametric data fusion with external summary statistics
Session EO407 Room: Virtual R11
Ecological statistics Sunday 05.6.2022   10:35 - 12:15
Chair: Wen-Han Hwang Organizer: Wen-Han Hwang
  E0594:  J. Stoklosa
  A general algorithm for error-in-variables modelling using monte carlo expectation maximization
  E0623:  N. Sibanda
  Multispecies occupancy modelling of New Zealand bird species
  E0625:  Y. Wang, C. Samarasekara, L. Stone
  A machine learning method for estimating the probability of presence using presence-background data
  E0620:  W.-H. Hwang
  On the occupancy models with time-to-detection data
Session EO345 Room: Virtual R12
Modern statistical methods for experimental design Sunday 05.6.2022   10:35 - 12:15
Chair: Ming-Chung Chang Organizer: Ming-Chung Chang
  E0662:  C.-L. Sung
  Multi-fidelity surrogate modeling with confidence: Stacking experimental design with cost complexity guarantees
  E0583:  C.-Y. Sun, B. Tang
  Uniform projection designs and strong orthogonal arrays
  E0820:  L.-H. Lin
  Simulator selection with applications in cell biology
  E0564:  S.-F. Tsai
  Generating optimal order-of-addition designs with flexible run sizes
Session EO153 Room: Virtual R13
Statistical approaches for functional observations Sunday 05.6.2022   10:35 - 12:15
Chair: Ci-Ren Jiang Organizer: Ci-Ren Jiang
  E0248:  C.-R. Jiang, E. Lila, J. Aston, J.-L. Wang
  Eigen-adjusted functional principal component analysis
  E0309:  W.-K. Seo
  Functional principal component analysis of cointegrated functional time series
  E0496:  H.L. Shang
  Geometrically weighted compositional data analysis for forecasting life-table death counts
  E0737:  M.-Y. Huang
  Partially linear models for functional data
Session EO031 Room: Virtual R2
Multidimensional/multimodal neuroimaging data analysis Sunday 05.6.2022   10:35 - 12:15
Chair: Yi Zhao Organizer: Yi Zhao
  E0184:  F. Zhang
  Statistical modeling issues in brain age prediction
  E0225:  B. Risk, R. Murden, G. Tian, D. Qiu
  Probabilistic joint and individual variation explained
  E0234:  Y. Zhao
  Neurodevelopment subtyping via multidimensional brain functional connectomes
  E0616:  B. Caffo
  Multidimensional/multimodal neuroimaging data analysis
Session EO077 Room: Virtual R3
Causal inference Sunday 05.6.2022   10:35 - 12:15
Chair: Yen-Tsung Huang Organizer: Yen-Tsung Huang
  E0516:  J. Young
  Causal inference, competing events, and mechanism
  E0984:  E. Ogburn
  Disentangling confounding and nonsense associations due to dependence
  E0997:  K.C.G. Chan, F. Xia
  Identification and estimation of natural mediation effect in the presence of treatment induced confounding
  E1005:  S.-H. Lin
  From linear structural equation modeling to generalized multiple mediation formula
Session EO243 Room: Virtual R4
New ideas in empirical Bayes Sunday 05.6.2022   10:35 - 12:15
Chair: Sihai Zhao Organizer: Sihai Zhao
  E0580:  M. Stephens
  Adventures in sparsity and shrinkage with the normal means model
  E0730:  N. Ignatiadis, S. Wager
  Covariate-powered empirical Bayes estimation
  E0818:  A. Barbehenn, S. Zhao
  Asymptotically optimal simultaneous gaussian mean estimation with nonparametric regression
  E0978:  W. Sun
  A nonparametric integrative Tweedie approach to empirical Bayes estimation with side information
Session EO219 Room: Virtual R5
High-dimensional data analysis in econometrics and statistics Sunday 05.6.2022   10:35 - 12:15
Chair: Sungkyu Jung Organizer: Sungkyu Jung, Jeongyoun Ahn
  E0703:  K. Yata, A. Ishii, M. Aoshima
  Estimation of eigenvectors for linear combinations of high-dimensional covariance matrices and its application
  E0713:  S.J. Shin
  Principal weighted least square support vector machine: An online dimension-reduction tool for binary classification
  E0946:  L. Goldberg, A. Shkolnik, A. Kercheval
  James-Stein for eigenvectors
  E0945:  A. Shkolnik, Y. Lee
  Direction penalized principal component analysis
Session EO205 Room: Virtual R6
Fair, robust, efficient and explainable machine learning models Sunday 05.6.2022   10:35 - 12:15
Chair: Yao Li Organizer: Yao Li
  E0231:  Y. Sun
  Does enforcing fairness mitigate algorithmic biases due to distributional shift?
  E0325:  Y. Li, T. Tang, T. Lee, C.-J. Hsieh
  Detecting adversarial examples with Bayesian neural network
  E0453:  J. Zheng
  Time-frequency analysis of scalp EEG with Hilbert-Huang transform and deep learning
  E0492:  H. Zhang
  How to trust a black-box: Formal verification of deep neural networks
Session EO253 Room: Virtual R7
Recent advances in survival analysis Sunday 05.6.2022   10:35 - 12:15
Chair: Sy Han Chiou Organizer: Sy Han Chiou
  E0503:  L.-P. Chen, B. Qiu
  Boosting method for length-biased and interval-censored survival data subject to high-dimensional error-prone covariates
  E0638:  H. Chen, C.-F. Tang
  Goodness-of-fit test for Cox model under isotonic constraint
  E0761:  Y. Chen, C.-F. Tang, S.H. Chiou, M. Chen
  Weighted least squares estimation for semiparametric accelerated failure time model with regularization
  E1043:  J. Qian, S.H. Chiou, R. Betensky
  Transformation model based regression with dependently truncated and independently censored data
Session EO337 Room: Virtual R8
Innovative methods for graphical models and networks Sunday 05.6.2022   10:35 - 12:15
Chair: Jeffrey Morris Organizer: Jeffrey Morris
  E0885:  N. Desai
  Connectivity regression
  E0985:  F. Zhou
  Functional Bayesian networks
  E0989:  T.-H. Yao, Z. Wu, K. Bharath, J. Li, V. Baladandayuthapani
  Probabilistic learning of treatment trees in cancer
  E0986:  L. Zhang
  Bayesian functional graphical model for dynamic functional connectivity network inference
Session EO019 Room: Virtual R9
Recent developments in complex imaging data analysis Sunday 05.6.2022   10:35 - 12:15
Chair: Dayu Sun Organizer: Dayu Sun
  E0201:  R. Shinohara
  Challenges and opportunities in statistical harmonization for multi-center neuroimaging studies
  E0681:  Y. Guo, Y. Wang
  A sparse blind source separation method for probing human whole-brain connectomes
  E0826:  J. Kang
  Bayesian spatially varying weight neural networks with the soft-thresholded Gaussian process prior
Parallel session H: EcoSta2022 Sunday 05.6.2022 13:15 - 14:55

Session EV463 Room: Virtual R7
Contributions in causal inference Sunday 05.6.2022   13:15 - 14:55
Chair: Subir Ghosh Organizer: EcoSta
  E0814:  H. Xie
  Nonlinear and nonseparable structural functions in fuzzy regression discontinuity designs
  E0825:  K. Fusejima, T. Ishihara, M. Sawada
  Joint diagnostic test of regression discontinuity designs: multiple testing problem
  E0947:  A. Srakar
  Fuzzy Wald ratio difference-in-differences and changes-in-changes estimator for spatiotemporal and spatial data
  E0743:  J. Bethaeuser
  Causal impact of policy measures and behavior on the COVID pandemic in Germany
Session EO055 Room: 101 (Hybrid 1)
Recent advances in high-dimensional covariance estimation Sunday 05.6.2022   13:15 - 14:55
Chair: Kei Hirose Organizer: Kei Hirose
  E0380:  B. Poignard, Y. Terada
  Asymptotic theory of sparse factor models in high-dimension
  E0644:  P.-H. Huang
  Accelerating dependency modeling with graphics processing units
  E0744:  S. Kawano, K. Yoshikawa
  Multilinear common component analysis for tensor data based on Kronecker product approach
  E0781:  W. Yoshida, K. Hirose
  Computationally efficient forecasting algorithm in the SUTSE model and its properties
Session EO411 Room: 102 (Hybrid 2)
Statistical learning for functional data Sunday 05.6.2022   13:15 - 14:55
Chair: Yousri Slaoui Organizer: Sophie Dabo, Yousri Slaoui
  E0760:  Y. Slaoui
  Unsupervised classification method based on nonparametric functional mode estimation
  E0796:  L. Grill, Y. Slaoui, D. Nortershauser, S. Le Masson
  Using Bayesian neural network as an actor in actor-critic methods
  E0802:  O. Ben Mrad, Y. Slaoui, A. Masmoudi
  Statistical learning in nonparametric q-kernel q-density estimation
  E0895:  S. El Adlouni
  Manifold MCMC algorithm for Gamma-GPD mixture model
Session EO041 Room: 103 (Hybrid 3)
Theories and methodologies for high-dimensional data Sunday 05.6.2022   13:15 - 14:55
Chair: Kazuyoshi Yata Organizer: Kazuyoshi Yata
  E0643:  Y. Nakayama, K. Yata, M. Aoshima
  Test for outlier detection by high-dimensional PCA
  E0773:  R. Oda, H. Yanagihara
  Condition of GIC to select the model minimizing KL-loss function in high-dimensional multivariate linear regression
  E0915:  Y. Umezu
  Non-linear variable selection via kernel regression with high-dimensionality
  E0414:  K. Tsukuda, S. Matsuura
  Testing allometric extension in high-dimensional and spiked eigenvalue situations
Session EO191 Room: 104 (Hybrid 4)
Statistical inference on various manifold Sunday 05.6.2022   13:15 - 14:55
Chair: Toshihiro Abe Organizer: Toshihiro Abe
  E0517:  Y. Miyata, T. Shiohama, T. Abe
  An extended sine-skewed circular distribution and its extension to a model on cylinder
  E0521:  T. Shiohama, T. Shiohama
  Complex valued time series modeling in relation to directional statistics
  E0540:  T. Imoto
  Construction of a circular distribution from a discrete distribution and its extension
  E0601:  Y. Tsuruta
  Smoothing parameter selection of circular kernel density estimation
Session EO331 Room: 105 (Hybrid 5)
Recent development on functional analysis of complex data Sunday 05.6.2022   13:15 - 14:55
Chair: Weichi Wu Organizer: Weichi Wu
  E0185:  Z. Lin, Y. Lin
  A unified approach to hypothesis testing for functional linear models
  E0666:  Y. Zhang, H. Zhu, Y. Li
  Semiparametric function-on-function quantile regression model with dynamic single-index interactions
  E0816:  Y. Cui, Z. Zhou
  Optimal forecasting for locally stationary functional time series using double-sieve method
  E1000:  R. Tan, W. Huang, G. Yin, Z. Zhang
  Estimation of functional treatment effect using generalized empirical likelihood stabilized weights
Session EO339 Room: Virtual R1
Nature-inspired metaheuristic methods and applications Sunday 05.6.2022   13:15 - 14:55
Chair: Frederick Kin Hing Phoa Organizer: Frederick Kin Hing Phoa
  E0771:  H. Liu, F.K.H. Phoa, J.Y.H. Chen-Burger, S.P. Lin
  Metaheuristic optimization on tensor-type solution via swarm intelligence
  E0828:  H. Sutrisno, F.K.H. Phoa
  Finding time series motif by using swarm intelligence method
  E0931:  C.-H. Huang, F.K.H. Phoa
  An efficient method to scatter network nodes on a spherical surface via swarm intelligence
  E0992:  P.-C. Yen, F.K.H. Phoa
  Traveling salesman problem via swarm intelligence
Session EO177 Room: Virtual R10
Recent developments on data integration for statistics Sunday 05.6.2022   13:15 - 14:55
Chair: Anne Ruiz-Gazen Organizer: Estelle Medous, Anne Ruiz-Gazen
  E0792:  T. Laurent, A. Vanhems, V.H. Do
  Guidelines on areal interpolation methods
  E0934:  M. Peruzzi, D. Dunson
  Spatial multivariate trees for integrating geospatial data from multiple sources
  E0939:  A. Ruiz-Gazen, E. Medous, C. Goga, J.-F. Beaumont, A. Dessertaine, P. Puech
  Improving finite population inference by data integration
  E0937:  E. Medous, A. Ruiz-Gazen, C. Goga, J.-F. Beaumont, A. Dessertaine, P. Puech
  Statistical data integration using a prediction approach
Session EO317 Room: Virtual R2
Advances in statistical methods for reliability analysis Sunday 05.6.2022   13:15 - 14:55
Chair: Man Ho Ling Organizer: Man Ho Ling
  E0189:  E. Castilla
  Robust statistical inference for one-shot devices
  E0290:  C.-T. Lin, C.-C. Tsai, N. Balakrishnan
  Lamination scheme of curing degree at multiple levels of temperature with location-scale regression
  E0809:  D. Mitra
  Order restricted inference for adaptive progressively censored competing risks data
  E0921:  H. Nagatsuka, N. Balakrishnan
  Interval estimation and hypothesis testing for the generalized Pareto distribution under non-regularity conditions
Session EO021 Room: Virtual R3
Recent advances in spatial scan statistics Sunday 05.6.2022   13:15 - 14:55
Chair: Matthieu Marbac Organizer: Matthieu Marbac
  E0195:  T. Zhang
  Spatial scan statistics in statistical models
  E0276:  L. Cucala
  Multivariate scan statistics for spatial data
  E0294:  P.-S. Lin
  Identification of geographic clusters for temporal heterogeneity with application to dengue surveillance
  E0541:  M.S. Ahmed, M. Genin, M. Marbac
  A new spatial scan statistic for multiple spatial clusters
Session EO059 Room: Virtual R4
Blockchain, digital currencies, and decentralised finance Sunday 05.6.2022   13:15 - 14:55
Chair: Stephen Chan Organizer: Stephen Chan, Jeffrey Chu
  E0553:  Y. Chen
  Topological data analysis of dynamic Ethereum token networks
  E0574:  Y. Gong, R. Huser
  Asymmetric tail dependence modeling, with application to cryptocurrency market data
  E1010:  S. Chan, J. Chu, Y. Zhang
  An analysis of the return-volume relationship in decentralized finance (DeFi)
  E0497:  B. Hadji Misheva, J. Osterrieder, A. Hirsa
  eXplainable AI for credit risk management
Session EO149 Room: Virtual R5
Spatio-temporal models for environmental and health applications Sunday 05.6.2022   13:15 - 14:55
Chair: Chae Young Lim Organizer: Stefano Castruccio
  E0268:  J. Park, W. Chang, B. Choi
  An interaction Neyman-Scott point process model for COVID-19
  E0275:  Z. Qu, W. Dai, M. Genton
  Robust Two-Layer Partition Clustering of Sparse Multivariate Functional Data
  E0515:  W. Huang, A. Monahan, F. Zwiers
  Estimating concurrent climate extremes: A conditional approach
  E0576:  Y. Guan, G. Page, B. Reich, M. Ventrucci, S. Yang
  A spectral adjustment for spatial confounding
Session EO440 Room: Virtual R6
Some recent developments in high dimensional statistics Sunday 05.6.2022   13:15 - 14:55
Chair: Lei Huang Organizer: Lei Huang
  E0271:  X. Fang
  High-dimensional central limit theorems by Stein's method
  E0286:  X. Xia
  Relative error-based model averaging
  E0430:  C. Wang
  Limiting spectral distribution of large dimensional Spearman's rank correlation matrices
  E0490:  C. Wang, T. Mei, J. Yao
  On singular values of data matrices with general independent columns
Session EO255 Room: Virtual R8
Design and analysis of screening experiments Sunday 05.6.2022   13:15 - 14:55
Chair: Rakhi Singh Organizer: Rakhi Singh
  E0523:  V. Syrotiuk
  Screening using locating arrays
  E0467:  A. Vazquez, W.K. Wong, P. Goos
  Effective algorithms for constructing two-level QB-optimal designs for screening experiments
  E0372:  J.-W. Huang, F.K.H. Phoa, Y.-W. Chen
  A factor screening approach for supersaturated experiments with an exponential family response via Dantzig selector 2.0
  E0656:  S. Gilmour, P.-W. Tsai
  Optimal two-level designs under model uncertainty
Session EO071 Room: Virtual R9
Recent developments in statistical deep learning Sunday 05.6.2022   13:15 - 14:55
Chair: Il Do Ha Organizer: Il Do Ha
  E0570:  J.-M. Kim, I.D. Ha
  Deep learning-based residual control chart for count data
  E0589:  J.E. Choi, D. Shin
  An ensemble model of CNN-BiLSTMs for forecasting NASDAQ volatility index
  E0721:  A. McInerney, K. Burke
  Variable and architecture selection in neural networks
  E0821:  I.D. Ha, J. Kim
  Understanding deep learning via statistical modelling approaches
Parallel session I: EcoSta2022 Sunday 05.6.2022 15:25 - 16:40

Session EV460 Room: Virtual R2
Contributions in applied econometrics Sunday 05.6.2022   15:25 - 16:40
Chair: James Flegal Organizer: EcoSta
  E0357:  G. Milunovich
  Measuring the impact of cybersecurity breaches on bitcoin returns
  E0463:  M. Modina, A. Bitetto, S. Filomeni
  Can unlisted firms benefit from market information? A data-driven approach
  E0679:  R. Neck, D. Blueschke, K. Weyerstrass
  Optimal fiscal policies in booms and in recessions: An econometric case study for Slovenia
Session EV451 Room: Virtual R6
Contributions in computational statistics and applications Sunday 05.6.2022   15:25 - 16:40
Chair: Abdelaati Daouia Organizer: EcoSta
  E0922:  S. Pal, C. Heumann
  A Gaussian mixture model with a modified Hard EM algorithm in clustering problems
  E0173:  L. Nguyen
  Expectation-maximization algorithm with combinatorial assumption
  E0929:  E. Kharatikoopaei, N. Akhter, A. Ellison, N. Richards, B. Obara, A. Kasim, S. Steve Bonner, E. McCauley, N. Mukerji
  The importance of morphology data in predicting the risks of aneurysm rupture
Session EV454 Room: Virtual R7
Contributions in financial econometrics Sunday 05.6.2022   15:25 - 16:40
Chair: Pavel Krupskiy Organizer: EcoSta
  E0748:  M. Nicolas
  Spurious tail risk factors and asset prices
  E0881:  K.K. Lawuobahsumo, B. Algieri, A. Leccadito
  Cryptocurrencies' quantile and tail expectation forecasting
  E0474:  Y. Cai
  A novel approach to bank marketing campaign
Session EV459 Room: Virtual R8
Contributions in forecasting Sunday 05.6.2022   15:25 - 16:40
Chair: Matthieu Marbac Organizer: EcoSta
  E0323:  A. Vasnev, J. Magnus
  On the uncertainty of a combined forecast: The critical role of correlation
  E0843:  N. Wichitaksorn, G. Kapoor, W. Zhang
  Forecasting half-hourly electricity prices using a mixed-frequency VAR framework: The case of New Zealand market
  E0864:  J.-B. Hasse, Q. Lajaunie
  Using the yield curve to forecast recessions: The role of fragmentation in the Euro area
Session EO081 Room: 102 (Hybrid 2)
Gaussian approximation for high-dimensional data Sunday 05.6.2022   15:25 - 16:40
Chair: Yuta Koike Organizer: Yuta Koike
  E0344:  D. Kurisu, K. Kato, X. Shao
  Gaussian approximation and spatially dependent wild bootstrap for high-dimensional spatial data
  E0910:  Z. Liu
  Gaussian approximations for high-dimensional non-degenerate U-statistics via exchangeable pairs
  E0944:  M. Imaizumi
  On Gaussian approximations for M-estimators
Session EO127 Room: 103 (Hybrid 3)
Stochastic control and data science in economics and finance Sunday 05.6.2022   15:25 - 16:40
Chair: Seyoung Park Organizer: Seyoung Park
  E0442:  J. Chae, B.-G. Jang, S. Park
  Optimal retirement with disability risk
  E0558:  Q. Li
  A generalization of Ramsey's on discount rate with regime-switching by martingale approach
  E0590:  C. He, A. Milne, S. Park
  Optimal consumption and savings decisions with disastrous income risk: Revisiting Rietz's rare disaster risk hypothesis
Session EO139 Room: 104 (Hybrid 4)
Methods for survival data analysis II Sunday 05.6.2022   15:25 - 16:40
Chair: Takeshi Emura Organizer: Takeshi Emura
  E0897:  Y. Araki
  Survival analysis with several classes of functional data as covariates
  E0163:  X. Song
  Mediation analysis for mixture Cox proportional hazards cure models
  E0543:  B. Nipoti
  Optimal stratification of survival data via Bayesian nonparametric mixtures
Session EO065 Room: 105 (Hybrid 5)
Inference for dynamic systems Sunday 05.6.2022   15:25 - 16:40
Chair: Francoise Anne Kemp Organizer: Christophe Ley
  E0801:  M.N. Damian, R. Nijzink, C. Ley, S. Schymanski, J. Hale
  Using Bayes factors to compare dynamical models of hydrological systems
  E0974:  F.A. Kemp, D. Proverbio, A. Aalto, C. Ley, J. Goncalves, A. Skupin, S. Magni
  Dynamical modelling of COVID-19 pandemic
  E0595:  H. Shigemoto, T. Morimoto
  Dynamic conditional correlation models with time-varying parameters incorporating realized covariance matrices
Session EO017 Room: Virtual R1
Econometrics of spillover effects and social interactions Sunday 05.6.2022   15:25 - 16:40
Chair: Ryo Okui Organizer: Ryo Okui
  E0232:  T. Yanagi, T. Hoshino
  Causal inference with noncompliance and unknown interference
  E0261:  W. Wang
  Recovering latent linkage structures and spillover effects with structural breaks in panel data models
  E0285:  C. Yang
  Production network positions and risk premia: A semiparametric approach
Session EO155 Room: Virtual R3
Recent advances in financial econometrics Sunday 05.6.2022   15:25 - 16:40
Chair: Seok Young Hong Organizer: Seok Young Hong
  E0709:  S. Yu, Y. Li, I. Nolte, S. Nolte
  Testing for jumps in a discretely observed price process with endogenous sampling times
  E0712:  X. Zhao, J. Sun, Y. Hong, O. Linton, X. Zhao
  Adjusted-range self-normalized autocorrelation tests
  E0886:  Y. Li, I. Nolte, S. Nolte
  Beyond the candlesticks: Exploiting price paths via the MAED statistic
Session EO187 Room: Virtual R4
Statistical methodology for personalising online content Sunday 05.6.2022   15:25 - 16:40
Chair: Cristina Mollica Organizer: Ida Scheel
  E0501:  J. Grant, D. Leslie
  Learning to rank under multinomial logit choice
  E0510:  S. Eide
  Recommender systems, bandits and Bayesian neural networks
  E0977:  Q. Liu
  Pseudo-Mallows for preference learning and personalized recommendation
Session EO161 Room: Virtual R5
Copula models and applications Sunday 05.6.2022   15:25 - 16:40
Chair: Aurora Gatto Organizer: Aurora Gatto, Fabrizio Durante
  E0784:  H. Wang, R. Chen
  The impact of COVID-19 pandemic shock on the correlation between energy markets and EU ETS
  E0870:  A. Gatto, F. Durante, E. Perrone
  Kendall conditional value-at-risk with application to the Italian energy market
  E1034:  N. Dietrich, J. Fernandez Sanchez, W. Trutschnig
  Convergence of copulas revisited: Different notions of convergence and their interrelations
Session EC461 Room: 101 (Hybrid 1)
Contributions in Bayesian methods (in-person) Sunday 05.6.2022   15:25 - 16:40
Chair: Shogo Nakakita Organizer: EcoSta
  E0833:  Y. Aizawa, H. Michimae
  Bayesian ridge estimators based on copula-based joint prior distributions for logistic regression parameters
  E0908:  Y. Kakikawa, K. Shimamura, S. Kawano
  Bayesian fused lasso and Bayesian HORSES via horseshoe prior
  E0513:  K. Kamatani, X. Song
  Haar-Weave-Metropolis kernel
Session EC432 Room: 106 (Hybrid 6)
Contributions in high dimensional and complex data Sunday 05.6.2022   15:25 - 16:40
Chair: Kazuyoshi Yata Organizer: EcoSta
  E0677:  L. Kontoghiorghes, A. Colubi
  Testing the equality of topic distribution between documents of a corpus
  E0983:  Y. Okhrin
  Monitoring time dependent image processes
  E0734:  A. Okazaki, S. Kawano
  Multi-task learning for compositional data based on sparse network lasso regularization
Session EC431 Room: 107 (Hybrid 7)
Contributions in time series and applied econometrics (in-person) Sunday 05.6.2022   15:25 - 16:40
Chair: Junichi Hirukawa Organizer: EcoSta
  E0228:  B. Sanhaji
  Nonlinear scalar BEKK
  E0903:  Y. Ma, A. Anastasiou, T. Wang, F. Montiel
  Detecting change-points in noisy data sequences with continuous piecewise structures
  E1044:  H. Mizobuchi, V. Zelenyuk
  A Measurement index: Proper or Not?
Parallel session J: EcoSta2022 Sunday 05.6.2022 16:50 - 18:30

Session EV457 Room: Virtual R5
Contributions in time series II Sunday 05.6.2022   16:50 - 18:30
Chair: Philip Yu Organizer: EcoSta
  E0850:  V. Kuntze, H. Nyberg, S. Rauhala
  Similarity-based recession predictions in different monetary policy conditions
  E0718:  M.A. Ruiz Reina
  Time series entropy: Clustering for decision-making
  E0669:  J. Caiado, F. Santos
  A clustering approach for analysing the impact of COVID-19 on stock market volatility
  E0842:  E. Kurozumi, A. Skrobotov
  On the asymptotic behavior of bubble date estimators
Session EI011 Room: 101 (Hybrid 1)
Risk measurement for sustainable finance (virtual) Sunday 05.6.2022   16:50 - 18:30
Chair: Monica Billio Organizer: Monica Billio
  E0297:  M. Billio, M. Guidolin, F. Rocciolo
  Responsible investing under ambiguity induced by climate risk
  E0578:  M. Costola, M. Billio, C. Latino, L. Pelizzon
  Measuring the relationship between ESG factors and firm's credit risk in Europe
  E0714:  F. Giancaterini, C. Morana, A. Hecq
  Is climate change time reversible?
Session EO203 Room: 102 (Hybrid 2)
The Stein method and applications Sunday 05.6.2022   16:50 - 18:30
Chair: Xiao Fang Organizer: Xiao Fang
  E0274:  W. Xu
  A unifying view on kernel stein discrepancy tests for goodness-of-fit
  E0519:  Y. Koike
  Asymptotic mixed normality of the realized covariance matrix in high-dimensions
  E0548:  S. Liu, Z.-S. Zhang
  Cramer-type moderate deviations under local dependence
  E0716:  L. Xu
  Approximations to the ergodic measure of stable SDE via EM scheme
Session EO353 Room: 103 (Hybrid 3)
Data science and other developments in financial modelling Sunday 05.6.2022   16:50 - 18:30
Chair: Rogemar Mamon Organizer: Rogemar Mamon
  E0565:  C. Erlwein-Sayer, S. Grimm
  LSTM in varying regimes: How to combine hidden Markov and machine learning models for financial risk management
  E0633:  H. Xiong
  A residual network for valuing large portfolios of variable annuities
  E0767:  D.M. Rodrigo
  Jumping hedges on the strength of the Mellin transform
  E0778:  R. Mamon
  A multivariate-index-driven anomaly detection system with supervised learning
Session EO349 Room: 104 (Hybrid 4)
Recent advances in Bayesian computation and applications Sunday 05.6.2022   16:50 - 18:30
Chair: Minh-Ngoc Tran Organizer: Minh-Ngoc Tran
  E0481:  T. Matsubara, J. Knoblauch, F.-X. Briol, C. Oates
  Robust generalised Bayesian inference for intractable likelihoods
  E0488:  R. Loaiza-Maya, D. Frazier, G. Martin, B. Koo
  Loss-based variational Bayes prediction
  E0522:  A. Thiery
  Creating manifold structures to accelerate MCMC sampling
  E0604:  M.E. Khan
  The Bayesian learning rule
Session EO449 Room: 105 (Hybrid 5)
Advances in productivity analysis and measurement (virtual) Sunday 05.6.2022   16:50 - 18:30
Chair: Artem Prokhorov Organizer: Artem Prokhorov
  E0435:  H.-P. Lai
  Indirect inference of stochastic frontier models
  E0437:  R. James, A. Prokhorov, P. Schmidt, C. Amsler
  Improving predictions of technical inefficiency
  E0471:  M. Sokolov, A. Alekseev
  How to measure the average rate of change
  E1033:  M. Mamonov, A. Prokhorov, C. Parmeter
  Assessing bank performance under volatile exchange rate
Session EO107 Room: 106 (Hybrid 6)
High-dimensional inference and detection under dependence Sunday 05.6.2022   16:50 - 18:30
Chair: Ansgar Steland Organizer: Ansgar Steland
  E0304:  J. Hirukawa, K. Fujimori
  Innovation algorithm of fractionally integrated processes and applications to the estimation of parameters
  E0237:  F. Mies, A. Steland
  Sequential Gaussian approximation for nonstationary time series in high dimensions
  E0649:  D. Loboda
  A Gaussian approximation result for weakly dependent random fields using dependency graphs
  E0788:  M. Mboya, S. Wingert, P. Sibbertsen
  Distinguishing between breaks in the mean and breaks in persistence under long memory
Session EO197 Room: Virtual R1
Spatial models in economic research Sunday 05.6.2022   16:50 - 18:30
Chair: Pipat Wongsa-art Organizer: Pipat Wongsa-art
  E0329:  T. Hoshino
  Estimating a continuous treatment model with spillovers: A control function approach
  E0417:  P. Mossay
  Spatial economic models of social interactions
  E0724:  P. Wongsa-art
  Varying coefficient model with correlated error components: Disparities between mental health service in England
  E0808:  F. Moscone, M. Billio, J. Madia, E. Tosetti
  The impact of COVID-19 on SMEs default: The role of the network
Session EO297 Room: Virtual R2
Theories and methodologies for stochastic processes Sunday 05.6.2022   16:50 - 18:30
Chair: Teppei Ogihara Organizer: Teppei Ogihara
  E0165:  Y. Potiron
  Existence in the inverse Shiryaev problem
  E0230:  T. Ogihara, Y. Uehara
  Local asymptotic normality for jump-diffusion processes
  E0457:  S. Eguchi
  Model comparison for ergodic Levy driven SDEs in YUIMA
  E0739:  S. Nakakita, M. Imaizumi
  Benign overfitting in stochastic regression
Session EO303 Room: Virtual R3
Bayesian econometrics for evidence-based policy making Sunday 05.6.2022   16:50 - 18:30
Chair: Thomas Zoerner Organizer: Thomas Zoerner
  E0646:  T. Zoerner, F. Huber, N. Hauzenberger
  Hawks vs. Doves: Monetary policy effectiveness in light of diverging national policy stances
  E0705:  N. Kuschnig
  Uncertain spillover effects and priors for spatial models
  E0783:  G. Zens, M. Steel
  Accounting for model uncertainty in Bayesian Poisson regression models
  E0785:  L. Vashold, J. Crespo Cuaresma
  Forecasting sectoral greenhouse gas emissions for a global sample
Session EO305 Room: Virtual R4
Climate econometrics Sunday 05.6.2022   16:50 - 18:30
Chair: Marina Friedrich Organizer: Marina Friedrich
  E0262:  J. Zhou Lykke, M. Bennedsen, E. Hillebrand
  A state space representation of a two-component energy balance model
  E0356:  F. Dorn, T. Kneib, S. Maxand
  The dependence between income inequality and carbon emissions: A distributional copula analysis
  E0381:  M. Friedrich, Y. Lin
  Sieve Bootstrap inference for time-varying coefficient models
  E0562:  F. Marotta
  Demand or supply: An empirical exploration of the effects of climate change on the macroeconomy
Session EO089 Room: Virtual R6
Recent advances in large panel data modelling Sunday 05.6.2022   16:50 - 18:30
Chair: Bin Peng Organizer: Degui Li
  E0334:  B. Peng
  Binary response models for heterogeneous panel data with interactive fixed effects
  E0336:  D. Li
  Functional-coefficient quantile regression for panel data with latent group structure
  E0470:  Y. Sun, W. Wang
  Estimating quantile-dependent networks on panel data
  E0520:  Q. Feng
  Factor-augmented nonstationary panels with multiple structural changes
Session EO171 Room: Virtual R7
Regression and bias reduction in extreme value theory Sunday 05.6.2022   16:50 - 18:30
Chair: Antoine Usseglio-Carleve Organizer: Antoine Usseglio-Carleve
  E0554:  J. Hambuckers, M. Kratz, A. Usseglio-Carleve
  Automatic threshold selection for extreme value regression models
  E0648:  J. El Methni, S. Girard, M. Allouche
  A refined Weissman estimator for extreme quantiles
  E0859:  M. Bousebata, S. Girard, G. Enjolras
  Extreme partial least-squares
  E0893:  Y. Abbas, A. Daouia, G. Stupfler
  Extremal expectile regression
Session EO239 Room: Virtual R8
Recent advances in big and complex data analysis Sunday 05.6.2022   16:50 - 18:30
Chair: Xiaojun Mao Organizer: Xiaojun Mao
  E0569:  X. He
  Structure learning via unstructured kernel-based M-regression
  E0655:  B. Gang
  Large-scale importance selection of heteroscedastic units
  E0693:  Y. Hou
  A two-stage model for high-risk prediction in insurance ratemaking
  E0777:  Z. Wang, X. Mao, J.K. Kim
  Functional calibration under non-probability survey sampling
Session EC434 Room: 107 (Hybrid 7)
Contributions in applied statistics and econometrics Sunday 05.6.2022   16:50 - 18:30
Chair: Makoto Takahashi Organizer: EcoSta
  E0863:  M. Smet
  The impact of professional development on teacher job satisfaction: Evidence from a multilevel model
  E0549:  S. Safi
  Long- and short-term impacts of COVID-19 on price volatility using MIDAS in Palestine
  E0687:  K. Kyo
  Component decomposition of the Nikkei stock average time series using moving linear modeling approach
  E0856:  S.R. Mudakkar
  Value of non-traditional data sources for official statistics perspective from developing economy
Parallel session K: EcoSta2022 Monday 06.6.2022 07:40 - 09:20

Session EO315 Room: Virtual R1
Recent developments on microbiome data analysis Monday 06.6.2022   07:40 - 09:20
Chair: Wodan Ling Organizer: Gen Li
  E0171:  S. Jung, S. Lee, J. Ahn
  Resampling-based inferences for compositional regression when sample sizes are limited
  E0514:  J. Fukuyama, L. Symul, K. Sankaran
  Multiscale analysis of count data through topic alignment
  E0720:  D. Wu
  A Gaussian mixture model to integrate metagenome and metatranscriptome data
  E0811:  K. Chen
  Scalable and interpretable rare feature aggregation with microbiome data
Session EO311 Room: Virtual R10
Modern statistical methods for longitudinal and survival data Monday 06.6.2022   07:40 - 09:20
Chair: Esra Kurum Organizer: Esra Kurum
  E0526:  J. Dubin
  Challenges of modeling longitudinal intensive care unit data
  E0506:  E.J.-C. Juarez-Colunga, P. Langner
  Efficiency loss with binary pre-processing of continuous monitoring data
  E0546:  C. Wang
  Optimal cut-points for screening for pre-clinical disease based on various criteria
  E0532:  E. Kurum
  A Bayesian multilevel time-varying framework for joint modeling of hospitalization and survival in patients on dialysis
Session EO121 Room: Virtual R11
Recent advances in models with complex dependence Monday 06.6.2022   07:40 - 09:20
Chair: Cheng Li Organizer: Cheng Li
  E0449:  Y. Zhu, C. Li, D. Dunson
  Classification trees for imbalanced data: Surface-to-volume regularization
  E0575:  S. Jiang, S. Tokdar
  Consistent Bayesian community detection for assortative networks
  E0732:  D. Li, A. Jones, B. Engelhardt
  Probabilistic contrastive principal component analysis
  E0749:  L. Lin
  Intrinsic and extrinsic deep learning on manifolds
Session EO163 Room: Virtual R12
Statistical machine learning with networks, matrices, and manifolds Monday 06.6.2022   07:40 - 09:20
Chair: Joshua Cape Organizer: Joshua Cape
  E0202:  K. Levin
  Limit theorems for out-of-sample extensions of spectral graph embeddings
  E0663:  A. Little
  Clustering and dimension reduction via Fermat distances
  E0702:  C.M. Le, T. Li
  Network estimation by adaptive mixing
  E0741:  J. Arroyo, C. Priebe, V. Lyzinski
  Graph matching between bipartite and unipartite networks
Session EO385 Room: Virtual R13
Dependency in network data Monday 06.6.2022   07:40 - 09:20
Chair: Moo K Chung Organizer: Moo K Chung
  E0298:  S. Kaji
  Introduction to persistent homology for graph analysis
  E0982:  A. Leow
  Modeling abnormal brain dynamics using statistical physics and MRI
  E0999:  H. Ombao
  Spectral non-linear Granger causality for multivariate time series
  E1011:  P.V. Redondo, R. Huser, H. Ombao
  Functional-coefficient models for multivariate time series in designed experiments: Applications to brain signals
Session EO033 Room: Virtual R2
New developments in design and analysis of experiments Monday 06.6.2022   07:40 - 09:20
Chair: John Stufken Organizer: John Stufken
  E0194:  W. Mueller, A. Pazman, M. Hainy
  A convex approach to optimum design of experiments with correlated observations
  E0255:  R. Singh, J. Stufken
  Design selection for 2-level supersaturated designs
  E0621:  R.-B. Chen
  Particle swarm exchange algorithms with applications in generating optimal model-discrimination designs
  E0805:  M. Kao
  Experimental designs for functional modeling of longitudinal data
Session EO119 Room: Virtual R3
Advances in Bayesian methods and computation Monday 06.6.2022   07:40 - 09:20
Chair: Jouchi Nakajima Organizer: Jouchi Nakajima
  E0198:  N. Awaya, L. Ma
  Tree boosting for learning probability measures
  E0961:  M. Xie, K.A. Aastveit, K. Irie, M. West
  Simultaneous graphical dynamic linear models for macroeconomic policy
  E0295:  T. Ishihara
  A realized multi-factor regression using a multivariate stochastic volatility model
  E0256:  M. Takahashi, Y. Omori, T. Watanabe, Y. Yamauchi
  Realized stochastic volatility models with skew-t distributions
Session EO101 Room: Virtual R4
Statistical modeling of challenging data Monday 06.6.2022   07:40 - 09:20
Chair: Yuedong Wang Organizer: Yuedong Wang
  E0757:  W. Guo
  Functional mixed effects clustering with application to longitudinal urologic chronic pelvic pain syndrome symptom data
  E0192:  A. Roy, T. Opheim
  Linear models for doubly multivariate data with exchangeably distributed errors and site-dependent covariates
  E0179:  T. Tong
  Optimal-k sequence for difference-based methods in nonparametric regression
  E0207:  W. Dai
  A sumsampling method for regression problems based on minimum energy criterion
Session EO129 Room: Virtual R5
Recent advances in machine learning Monday 06.6.2022   07:40 - 09:20
Chair: Yiming Ying Organizer: Yiming Ying
  E0364:  H. Koehler, A. Christmann
  Total stability of SVMs and localized SVMs
  E0640:  J. Fan
  Approximation of nonlinear functionals using deep ReLU networks
  E0672:  Y. Lei
  Learning theory of stochastic gradient descent
  E0678:  Y. Feng, Q. Wu
  A statistical learning assessment of Huber regression
Session EO131 Room: Virtual R6
Recent developments in dimension reduction and multivariate analysis Monday 06.6.2022   07:40 - 09:20
Chair: Yeonhee Park Organizer: Yeonhee Park
  E0797:  S. Chakraborty, Z. Su
  A comprehensive Bayesian framework for envelope models
  E0827:  M. Lee, S. Chakraborty, Z. Su
  A Bayesian approach to envelope quantile regression
  E0530:  K. Lee
  Bayesian inference for multivariate probit model with latent envelope
  E0612:  Z. Su, B. Li, D. Cook
  Envelope model for function-on-function linear regression
Session EO241 Room: Virtual R7
Estimation and inference of high dimensional time series Monday 06.6.2022   07:40 - 09:20
Chair: Danna Zhang Organizer: Danna Zhang
  E0493:  Y. Zheng
  Tensor methods for high-dimensional time series modeling
  E0531:  I. Cribben
  Factorized binary search: Change point detection in the network structure of multivariate high-dimensional time series
  E0561:  Y. Han
  CP factor model for dynamic tensors
  E0909:  S. Basu
  Frequency-domain graphical models for multivariate time series
Session EO207 Room: Virtual R8
Modern statistical methods for environmental data analysis Monday 06.6.2022   07:40 - 09:20
Chair: Whitney Huang Organizer: Whitney Huang
  E0478:  L. Warr, M. Heaton, W. Christensen, P. White, S. Rupper
  Distributional validation of precipitation data products with spatially varying mixture models
  E0487:  M. Bonas, S. Castruccio
  Calibration of spatio-temporal forecasts from urban air pollution data with sparse recurrent neural networks
  E0502:  E. Murphy
  Joint modeling of wind speed and wind direction through a conditional approach
  E0559:  L. Zhang
  Accounting for the spatial structure of weather systems in detected changes in precipitation extremes
Session EO275 Room: Virtual R9
Sequential analysis and online updating Monday 06.6.2022   07:40 - 09:20
Chair: Yan Zhuang Organizer: Yan Zhuang
  E0981:  N. Mukhopadhyay
  Fixed-accuracy big data estimation of population Gini income inequality index: Practical distribution-free strategies
  E0217:  D. Bhattacharjee, I. Silva, Y. Zhuang
  An adaptive Monte Carlo method to estimate confidence interval for population sizes under mark-recapture-mark sampling
  E0363:  J. Wu
  Online updating of survival analysis
  E0427:  S. Bapat
  Maximum precision estimation for a step-stress model using two-stage methodologies
Parallel session L: EcoSta2022 Monday 06.6.2022 09:30 - 11:10

Session EO085 Room: Live Theater (Hybrid 2)
Variational inference in statistics and econometrics I Monday 06.6.2022   09:30 - 11:10
Chair: Pierre Alquier Organizer: Pierre Alquier
  E0494:  R. Martin
  Gibbs posterior distributions: Construction, concentration, and calibration
  E0533:  J.L. Montiel Olea
  On the robustness to misspecification of -posteriorsand their variational approximations
  E0988:  A. Bhattacharya
  On statistical and algorithmic aspects of variational inference
Session EO261 Room: Main Theater (Hybrid 1)
External validity and data fusion in causal inference (virtual) Monday 06.6.2022   09:30 - 11:10
Chair: Caleb Miles Organizer: Caleb Miles
  E0668:  A. Buchanan, F. Li, S. Cole
  Generalizing trial evidence to target populations in non-nested designs: Applications to AIDS clinical trials
  E0942:  I. Dahabreh
  Causally interpretable meta-analysis: Transporting inferences from multiple randomized trials to a target population
  E0735:  K. Rudolph, I. Diaz
  Robust and efficient nonparametric estimation of transported total causal effects and mediation causal effects
  E0905:  A. Luedtke
  Efficient estimation under data fusion
Session EO103 Room: Virtual R1
Recent developments in graphical models Monday 06.6.2022   09:30 - 11:10
Chair: Kuang-Yao Lee Organizer: Kuang-Yao Lee
  E0572:  Z. Ren
  Simultaneous inference in multiple matrix-variate graphs for high-dimensional neural recordings
  E0971:  A. Hudson
  Nonparametric assessment of conditional dependence using a restricted score test
  E0991:  K.-Y. Lee, L. Li, B. Li
  Functional causal modeling via Karhunen-Loeve expansions
  E0995:  K. Khare, P. Jalali, G. Michailidis
  A Bayesian subset specific approach to joint selection of multiple graphical models
Session EO075 Room: Virtual R10
Recent development in functional data analysis and cluster analysis Monday 06.6.2022   09:30 - 11:10
Chair: Guanqun Cao Organizer: Yuhang Xu
  E0229:  G. Cao
  Optimal classification for functional data using deep neural network
  E0313:  T. Vu
  SPF: A spatial and functional data analytic approach to cell imaging data
  E0426:  S. Sarkar
  Multiple change point clustering of count processes
  E0723:  R. Luo
  Modeling spiky functional data with derivatives of smooth functions in function-on-function regression
Session EO047 Room: Virtual R11
Design and analysis of complex experiments: Theory and applications Monday 06.6.2022   09:30 - 11:10
Chair: MingHung Kao Organizer: MingHung Kao
  E0288:  J. Stufken, Y. Shi, W. Yu
  Optimal designs for generalized linear mixed models
  E0755:  A. Mandal
  Modeling and active learning for experiments with quantitative-sequence factors
  E0819:  R. Pan
  Experimental design and active learning
  E0824:  F.K.H. Phoa, Y.-H. Liao
  The summary of effect aliasing structure for supersaturated and factorial designs
Session EO193 Room: Virtual R12
Recent methods in finance Monday 06.6.2022   09:30 - 11:10
Chair: Soohun Kim Organizer: Soohun Kim
  E0333:  S. Kim, D. Weagley, J. Kim
  The nature of ownership and stock returns
  E0528:  A. Neuhierl, M. Weber, J. Freyberger, B. Hoeppner
  Missing data in asset pricing panels
  E0529:  Y. Liao, A. Neuhierl, J. Fan, T. Ke
  Structural deep learning in conditional asset pricing
  E0701:  G. Li, B. Han
  Idiosyncratic volatility and the consistency of the ICAPM
Session EO231 Room: Virtual R13
Recent advances in event history studies Monday 06.6.2022   09:30 - 11:10
Chair: Jianguo Sun Organizer: Jianguo Sun
  E0226:  D. Sun
  A new robust approach for regression analysis of panel count data with time-varying covariates
  E0599:  L. Chen, Y. Feng, J. Sun
  A class of additive transformation models for recurrent gap times
  E1032:  Y. Guo, T. Tian, J. Sun
  High-dimensional variable selection for partially functional Cox regression with interval-censored data
Session EO211 Room: Virtual R2
Meta-analysis, network meta-analysis and IPD meta-analysis Monday 06.6.2022   09:30 - 11:10
Chair: Tiejun Tong Organizer: Tiejun Tong
  E0215:  Y. Chen
  A robust and computational-efficient method for multiple-outcome network meta-analysis
  E0222:  H. Chu, L. Siegel, H. Murad, R. Riley, F. Bazerbachi, Z. Wang
  A guide to estimating the reference range from a meta-analysis using aggregate or individual participant data
  E0639:  J. Lim, M. Zhang, J. Barth, J. Lim, X. Wang
  Bayesian estimation and testing in random effect meta-analysis of rare binary adverse events with flexible variability
  E0213:  J. Shi
  A unified framework for meta-analysis with the five-number summary
Session EO213 Room: Virtual R3
Recent advances in statistical modeling and computing for complex data Monday 06.6.2022   09:30 - 11:10
Chair: Weixin Yao Organizer: Weixin Yao
  E0518:  X. Duan
  Two post-survey imaginary random mechanisms with implications
  E0865:  R. Zhang, F. Sha
  Adversarially robust subspace learning in the spiked covariance model
  E0912:  Y. Chen, Z. Lin, H.-G. Mueller
  Wasserstein regression
  E1045:  H. Lyu
  Stochastic regularized block majorization-minimization with weakly convex and multi-convex surrogates
  E0916:  S. Ghosh
  Exact permutation/randomization tests algorithms
Session EO355 Room: Virtual R4
New directions in high-dimensional and functional data analysis Monday 06.6.2022   09:30 - 11:10
Chair: Alexander Petersen Organizer: Alexander Petersen
  E0509:  L. Xiao
  Functional data analysis for longitudinal data with informative observation times
  E0890:  A. Petersen, W. Meiring, X. Liu, A. Ghosal
  Regression modeling for distributional response data
  E0686:  C. Liu
  Low-rank latent matrix factor-analysis modeling for generalized linear regression with imaging biomarkers
  E0958:  Y. Yang, H.L. Shang, Y. Gao
  Factor-augmented smoothing model for functional data
Session EO027 Room: Virtual R5
Recent advances in matrix and tensor learning Monday 06.6.2022   09:30 - 11:10
Chair: Kejun He Organizer: Raymond Ka Wai Wong
  E0206:  B. Dai, X. Shen, W. Pan
  Two-level monotonic multistage recommender systems
  E0588:  X. Tang
  Correlation tensor decomposition and its application in spatial imaging data
  E0593:  R. Han, Y. Luo, M. Wang, A. Zhang
  Exact clustering in tensor block model: Statistical optimality and computational limit
  E0665:  R.K.W. Wong, J. Wang, X. Mao, K.C.G. Chan
  Matrix completion with model-free weighting
Session EO415 Room: Virtual R6
Gaussian process regression models Monday 06.6.2022   09:30 - 11:10
Chair: Xia Wang Organizer: Xia Wang
  E0355:  A. Halder, S. Mohammed, D. Dey
  Bayesian variable selection in double generalized linear Tweedie spatial process models
  E0715:  Y.-B. Wang, W. Huang, Y.-M. Chung, J. Mandel, H.-T. Wu
  Airflow recovery using synchrosqueezing transform and locally stationary Gaussian process regression
  E0746:  S. Song, A. Palipana, R. Szczesniak, N. Gupta
  Joint modeling with integrated fractional Brownian motion
  E0607:  X. Wang
  Flexible link functions in a joint hierarchical Gaussian process model
Session EO371 Room: Virtual R7
Advances in statistical methods for handling complex data Monday 06.6.2022   09:30 - 11:10
Chair: MinJae Lee Organizer: MinJae Lee
  E0613:  R. Kim
  Data augmentation using aggregate statistics from big data and survey: 2nd order delta-method and bootstrap inference
  E0571:  Y. Huang
  Comparing and combining data from immune assays with different limits of detection
  E0745:  M. Song
  Testing calibration of risk models at extremes of disease risk
  E0740:  Y. Cho, Z. Cao, F. Li
  Transporting randomized trial results to estimate counterfactual survival functions in target populations
Session EO201 Room: Virtual R8
Statistical models \& machine learning for official statistics and surveys Monday 06.6.2022   09:30 - 11:10
Chair: Scott Holan Organizer: Scott Holan
  E0223:  K. McConville
  Tackling the overabundance of options in survey estimation
  E0279:  Y. Si
  On the use of auxiliary variables in multilevel regression and poststratification
  E0277:  D. Toth, S. Holan, D. Bhaduri
  Design consistent Bayesian tree models
  E0287:  S. Holan, R. Janicki, P. Parker
  Computationally efficient Bayesian unit-level models for non-Gaussian data under informative sampling
Session EO063 Room: Virtual R9
Modern statistical methods in data science Monday 06.6.2022   09:30 - 11:10
Chair: Yichuan Zhao Organizer: Yichuan Zhao
  E0661:  W. Ning, S. Ratnasingam
  Confidence intervals of mean residual life function in length-biased sampling based on modified empirical likelihood
  E0855:  F. Tan, H. Peng
  Optimal subsampling in a massive data linear regression
  E1039:  M. Zhang
  Robust method for optimal treatment decision making based on survival data
  E0765:  Y. Zhao, K. Alemdjrodo
  Novel empirical likelihood inference for the mean difference with right-censored data
Parallel session N: EcoSta2022 Monday 06.6.2022 13:30 - 14:45

Session EO301 Room: Live Theater (Hybrid 2)
Variational inference in statistics and econometrics II Monday 06.6.2022   13:30 - 14:45
Chair: Pierre Alquier Organizer: Pierre Alquier
  E0536:  M.-N. Tran, P. Tseng, R. Kohn
  Variational Bayes for models with nuisance parameters
  E0537:  Y. Shapovalova
  Inference in stochastic volatility models with variational sequential Monte Carlo
  E1002:  M. Magris, A. Iosifidis, M. Shabani
  Bayesian bilinear neural network for predicting the mid-price dynamics in limit-order book markets
Session EO387 Room: Main Theater (Hybrid 1)
Discrimination and principal component analysis of signals Monday 06.6.2022   13:30 - 14:45
Chair: Yan Liu Organizer: Yan Liu
  E0243:  Y. Goto, M. Taniguchi
  Discriminant analysis based on binary time series
  E0250:  K. Fujimori, Y. Goto, Y. Liu
  Sparse principal component analysis for high-dimensional stationary time series
  E0768:  K. Chen, C.Y. Yau, Y. Li
  Functional threshold autoregressive model
Session EO057 Room: Virtual R1
Innovative approaches in ordinal and mixed-type data modelling Monday 06.6.2022   13:30 - 14:45
Chair: Cristina Mollica Organizer: Cristina Mollica
  E0573:  M. Manisera, P. Zuccolotto
  A mixture model for ordinal variables measured on semantic differential scales
  E0615:  C. Cavicchia
  Convex clustering of mixed numerical and categorical data
  E0936:  R. Giubilei, T. Padellini, P. Brutti
  Energy trees: Regression and classification with structured and mixed-type covariates
Session EO199 Room: Virtual R2
Advances in mathematical data science Monday 06.6.2022   13:30 - 14:45
Chair: Xin Guo Organizer: Lei Shi, Xin Guo
  E0538:  P. Gensler, A. Christmann
  Robustness of kernel-based pairwise learning
  E0628:  D. Xiang
  Error analysis of OWL algorithms with varying Gaussians and convex loss
  E0810:  X. Chen
  Regularized Kaczmarz algorithm
Session EO227 Room: Virtual R3
Topics on high-dimensional and complex models Monday 06.6.2022   13:30 - 14:45
Chair: Eugen Pircalabelu Organizer: Eugen Pircalabelu
  E0263:  I. Wilms, J. Bien
  Node aggregation in large-scale graphical models
  E0660:  J. Zhou, G. Claeskens
  On variables selection Type-I and type-II error tradeoff for high dimensional logistic regression
  E0654:  Y. Zhao
  Residual-based estimation of parametric copulas under regression
Session EO389 Room: Virtual R4
New frontiers in econometrics Monday 06.6.2022   13:30 - 14:45
Chair: Namhyun Kim Organizer: Namhyun Kim
  E0680:  H. Chiang, Y. Matsushita, T. Otsu
  Multiway empirical likelihood
  E0924:  N. Kim, W. Pohlmeier, P. Wongsaart
  Biased 2SLS estimation in the presence of weak and/or many instruments
  E0955:  Y. Zu
  Comparing survey based forecasts
Session EO145 Room: Virtual R5
Recent development on change point detection Monday 06.6.2022   13:30 - 14:45
Chair: Weichi Wu Organizer: Lixing Zhu
  E0166:  W. Zhao, L. Zhu
  Multiple change point detection for high-dimensional data
  E0331:  W. Wu, Z. Zhou
  Multiscale jump testing and estimation under complex temporal dynamics
  E0830:  J. Huang, J. Wang, L. Zhu
  An adaptive-to-change ridge-ratio criterion for multiple change points in high-dimensional tensors
Session EO079 Room: Virtual R6
Recent statistical analysis of microbiome data Monday 06.6.2022   13:30 - 14:45
Chair: Sangwook Kang Organizer: Taesung Park
  E1022:  T. Park, N. Kang, H. Koh
  Association test for longitudinal microbiome data
  E1035:  Y. Chung
  Using taxonomic ranks improves the prediction of case-control analysis of microbiome data
  E1029:  S. Won
  Phylogenetic tree-based microbiome association test
Session EO135 Room: Virtual R7
Advances in time series, random forests and causal inference Monday 06.6.2022   13:30 - 14:45
Chair: Hiroshi Shiraishi Organizer: Hiroshi Shiraishi
  E0560:  H. Shiraishi, T. Nakamura
  Generalized random forests for dependent data
  E0650:  T. Nakamura, H. Shiraishi
  Causal trees and forest with sufficient dimension reduction
  E0170:  E. Scornet
  Study of a well-known importance measure computed via decision trees
Session EP001 Room: Poster Room
Poster session (only virtual) Monday 06.6.2022   13:30 - 14:45
Chair: Cristian Gatu Organizer: EcoSta
  E0445:  M. Cai
  Graphical and numerical diagnostic tools to assess multiple imputation models by posterior predictive checking
  E0556:  S. MaraBeh, E. Mahdi
  Variogram modeling for spatial correlation in structural MRI images
  E0832:  H. Lim, A.K.H. Kim
  Matching quantiles estimation for discrete distribution
  E1023:  M. Ahmadi, C. Casoli, M. Manera, D. Valenti
  The effect of climate change on economic growth: A structural global vector autoregressive approach
Parallel session O: EcoSta2022 Monday 06.6.2022 15:15 - 16:55

Session EO321 Room: Live Theater (Hybrid 2)
Advancements in Bayesian mixture models Monday 06.6.2022   15:15 - 16:55
Chair: Raffaele Argiento Organizer: Andrea Cremaschi
  E0181:  B. Franzolini, A. Lijoi, I. Pruenster
  Model selection for maternal hypertensive disorders with symmetric hierarchical Dirichlet processes
  E0273:  G. Malsiner-Walli, S. Fruhwirth-Schnatter, B. Gruen
  Mixtures of finite mixtures and the telescoping sampler
  E0851:  T. Rigon, A. Zito, D. Dunson
  Learning the number of clusters: Conjugate prior for the Dirichlet process precision parameter
  E1003:  R. Argiento, L. Paci, E. Filippi-Mazzola
  Clustering categorical data via Hammingd istance
Session EO323 Room: Main Theater (Hybrid 1)
Monetary and fiscal policies in DSGE models Monday 06.6.2022   15:15 - 16:55
Chair: Takeki Sunakawa Organizer: Takeki Sunakawa
  E0211:  T. Sunakawa, M. Katagiri
  Forward guidance as a monetary policy rule
  E0212:  M. Katagiri
  Systematic foreign exchange intervention and macroeconomic stability: A Bayesian DSGE approach
  E0214:  K. Hasui, S. Hoshino
  Habit persistence and zero lower bound risk under optimal discretionary policy
  E0450:  H. Morita, F. Zanetti, L. Melosi
  The signalling effects of fiscal announcements
Session EO175 Room: Virtual R1
Compositional data analysis Monday 06.6.2022   15:15 - 16:55
Chair: Christine Thomas-Agnan Organizer: Christine Thomas-Agnan
  E0512:  J. Saperas Riera, J.A. Martin-Fernandez
  Contributions of the compositional data methodology to constrained optimization in economics
  E0659:  T.H. Trinh
  Climate change and rice yield: Compositional scalar-on-function regression approach
  E0750:  C. Thomas-Agnan, A. Ruiz-Gazen, T. Laurent, C. Mondon
  Detecting outliers in compositional data using invariant coordinate selection
  E0763:  T. Yoshida, D. Murakami, H. Seya
  Location powered quotient: A compositional data analysis-based approach
Session EO025 Room: Virtual R2
Innovative technologies for big data Monday 06.6.2022   15:15 - 16:55
Chair: Philip Yu Organizer: Philip Yu
  E0630:  K.H. Ho, T.-T. Chan, P. Yu
  Return correlation and volatility spillover among NFT, NFT-related coin, and cryptocurrency markets
  E0696:  Z. Zhu, K. Zhu, D. Li, X. Yang
  A distributional perspective on autoencoder asset pricing models
  E0327:  X. Wang, P. Yu, W. Yang, J. Su
  Bayesian robust tensor completion via CP decomposition
  E0596:  P. Yu, Y. Zhuang
  Preference learning across social networks for recommendations
Session EO263 Room: Virtual R3
Bayesian modeling in social sciences Monday 06.6.2022   15:15 - 16:55
Chair: Kazuhiko Kakamu Organizer: Kazuhiko Kakamu
  E0690:  K. Kakamu
  Bayesian dynamic modeling of Gini coefficient from grouped data
  E0901:  Y. Kawakubo, G. Kobayashi
  Estimation of area-wise income distributions based on household-level grouped data
  E0525:  G. Kobayashi, S. Sugasawa, Y. Kawakubo
  Spatio-temporal smoothing, interpolation and prediction of income distributions based on grouped data
  E0534:  S. Sugasawa, D. Cabel, M. Kato, K. McAlinn, K. Takanashi
  Spatially-varying bayesian predictive synthesis for flexible and interpretable spatial prediction
Session EO105 Room: Virtual R4
Recent advances of time series analysis Monday 06.6.2022   15:15 - 16:55
Chair: Wai-keung Li Organizer: Wai-keung Li
  E0359:  F. Huang, Y. Zheng, K. Lu, G. Li
  SARMA: A computationally scalable high-dimensional time series model
  E0586:  K. Song
  Estimation based on martingale difference divergence with insufficient instrumental variables
  E0629:  M. Li
  Bootstrapping robust goodness-of-fit tests for GARCH models
  E0645:  W.-K. Li
  Testing and modelling for the structural change in covariance matrix time series with multiplicative form
Session EO123 Room: Virtual R5
Recent advances in applied probability and statistics Monday 06.6.2022   15:15 - 16:55
Chair: Li-Hsien Sun Organizer: Li-Hsien Sun
  E0197:  W. Huang, Z. Zhang
  Nonparametric estimation of the continuous treatment effect with measurement error
  E0409:  C.-L. Kao, V. Tseng, Y.-S. Chen
  Extracting stock predictive information in fund managers decisions through machine learning with hypergraph
  E0762:  L. Huang, Z. Zhang
  Nonparametric estimation of general mediation effects by calibration weighting
  E0882:  C. Chang
  Estimation for multiple-threshold regression models
Session EO379 Room: Virtual R6
High dimensional statistical analysis and applications Monday 06.6.2022   15:15 - 16:55
Chair: Su-Yun Huang Organizer: Su-Yun Huang
  E0441:  H.H.-S. Lu
  Statistical learning for AI assisted clinics
  E0176:  H. Hung
  A generalized information criterion for high-dimensional PCA rank selection
  E0168:  S.-H. Wang, S.-Y. Huang
  Perturbation theory for cross data matrix-based PCA
  E0472:  S.-C. Chung
  Contrastive modeling for Cryo-EM 3D orientation estimations