Organized Invited Sessions
  • EO006: Non-causal time series models
    Organizers: Alain Hecq
  • EO010: Modelling financial and insurance risks
    Organizers: Tak Kuen Siu
  • EO012: Large-scale modeling and prediction of financial asset returns
    Organizers: Marc Paolella
  • EO014: New advances in statistical computing and complex data analysis
    Organizers: Tsung-I Lin
  • EO016: Recent advances in functional data analysis
    Organizers: Ci-Ren Jiang
  • EO018: Estimation, modeling checking, and dimension reduction
    Organizers: Sung Nok Chiu
  • EO020: Recent advances in complex data analysis
    Organizers: Xinyuan Song
  • EO022: Recent advances in survival analysis
    Organizers: Xingqiu Zhao
  • EO026: Statistical learning in finance
    Organizers: Guanhao Feng
  • EO028: Survival and count data analysis
    Organizers: Geoffrey Tso
  • EO030: Statistical methods for functional data
    Organizers: Jeng-Min Chiou
  • EO032: Recent development for modern change-point analysis
    Organizers: Hao Chen
  • EO034: Efficient learning for large-scale data
    Organizers: Junhui Wang
  • EO036: Advances in Bayesian computation
    Organizers: Minh-Ngoc Tran
  • EO040: Recent semi/nonparametric statistical developments and their applications
    Organizers: Xiangrong Yin
  • EO042: Recent advances in econometric theory and methods
    Organizers: Kaiji Motegi
  • EO044: Statistical methods for systems monitoring
    Organizers: Inez Zwetsloot
  • EO046: New computational methods for statistical inference
    Organizers: Regina Liu, Min-ge Xie
  • EO051: Recent advances in modelling and clustering via mixture models
    Organizers: Geoffrey McLachlan
  • EO053: Modelling complex time series: Estimation and forecasting
    Organizers: Degui Li
  • EO055: Recent advances in modelling finance data and risk assessment
    Organizers: Boris Choy
  • EO057: New development of functional data analysis
    Organizers: Yuhang Xu
  • EO059: Recent advances in time series and spatial econometrics and statistics
    Organizers: Zudi Lu
  • EO061: Recent developments in time series analysis and insurance
    Organizers: Sangyeol Lee
  • EO063: Contemporary Bayesian inference for high-dimensional models
    Organizers: Richard Gerlach
  • EO065: New developments in time series econometrics
    Organizers: Daniel Preve
  • EO069: Statistical machine learning methods and causal inference
    Organizers: Yingying Fan
  • EO075: Mixture models for censored and longitudinal data
    Organizers: Victor Hugo Lachos Davila
  • EO077: Design of experiments and complex structures
    Organizers: Chang-Yun Lin, Lan Wang, Wen Zhou
  • EO079: Statistical modeling and inference for stochastic processes
    Organizers: Hiroki Masuda
  • EO081: Advances in financial time series analysis
    Organizers: Toshiaki Watanabe
  • EO083: Data, models, learning and beyond
    Organizers: Catherine Liu
  • EO085: High dimensional inference
    Organizers: Huixia Wang
  • EO089: Big data in finance
    Organizers: Xinghua Zheng
  • EO091: Frontiers in financial statistics
    Organizers: Yingying Li
  • EO093: New developments in analyzing complex data
    Organizers: Young Kyung Lee
  • EO095: Advances in nonlinear and financial time series
    Organizers: Wai-Keung Li
  • EO097: Estimating and selecting models for complex data
    Organizers: Garth Tarr
  • EO103: Financial statistics
    Organizers: Cheng-Der Fuh
  • EO105: New algorithms in complex data analysis
    Organizers: Samuel Mueller
  • EO107: Modelling and clustering methods for analyzing complex processes
    Organizers: Xiaoling Dou
  • EO109: Recent advances in time series and spatial analysis
    Organizers: Lily Wang
  • EO111: Methods for modeling spatio-temporal data
    Organizers: Won Chang
  • EO113: Dynamic econometric modelling
    Organizers: Chi Wan Cheang, Maria Kyriacou
  • EO115: Developments in macroeconomic forecasting
    Organizers: Danilo Leiva-Leon
  • EO117: Bayesian hierarchical models and computational methods
    Organizers: Siew Li Linda Tan
  • EO119: Inference for large complex data
    Organizers: Ming-Yen Cheng
  • EO121: Forecasting/forecast combination
    Organizers: Andrey Vasnev
  • EO123: Design and analysis of complex experiments: Theory and applications
    Organizers: MingHung Kao
  • EO125: Recent development on high dimensional data analysis
    Organizers: Wenbo Wu
  • EO127: Recent advances in time series analysis
    Organizers: Chi Tim Ng
  • EO129: New developments on sufficient dimension reduction
    Organizers: Yichao Wu
  • EO131: Modern statistical methods for the complex data
    Organizers: Yichuan Zhao
  • EO133: Network analysis
    Organizers: Frederick Kin Hing Phoa
  • EO137: Optimality for insurance risk models
    Organizers: KC Yuen
  • EO139: Advances in high dimensional Bayesian computation
    Organizers: Robert Kohn
  • EO141: Theoretical perspectives for Bayesian nonparametrics
    Organizers: Yongdai Kim
  • EO143: Statistical computation for high-dimensional data and its application
    Organizers: Kei Hirose
  • EO145: Predictive analytics and time series analysis
    Organizers: Cathy W-S Chen
  • EO147: Semi- and nonparametric inference in survival analysis and reliability
    Organizers: Eric Beutner, Laurent Bordes
  • EO149: Statistical machine learning
    Organizers: Yiming Ying
  • EO151: Financial time series analysis
    Organizers: Shiqing Ling
  • EO153: Statistical modelling and inference in directional statistics
    Organizers: Toshihiro Abe
  • EO155: Mixed-effects models and statistical modeling for complex data
    Organizers: Dalei Yu
  • EO157: Advances in high-dimensional and functional data
    Organizers: Heng Lian
  • EO160: Statistical inference in high dimensional quantile regression
    Organizers: Yanlin Tang
  • EO162: Modern statistical methods for quality engineering
    Organizers: Matthias Tan
  • EO164: Recent advances and challenges in high dimensional data
    Organizers: Zhao Ren
  • EO166: Model uncertainty and model average
    Organizers: Hua Liang
  • EO170: Recent advances in functional and multivariate data analysis
    Organizers: Yuko Araki
  • EO172: High-dimensional statistics
    Organizers: Emre Barut
  • EO174: Robust learning in high dimensional data
    Organizers: Linglong Kong
  • EO176: Model averaging
    Organizers: Xinyu Zhang
  • EO178: Computing in design of experiments
    Organizers: John Stufken
  • EO182: Incomplete data and statistics in health studies
    Organizers: Christian Heumann, Jianhui Zhou
  • EO184: Bayesian and shrinkage estimation
    Organizers: Anoop Chaturvedi, EcoSta
  • EO186: Financial econometrics with high frequency data
    Organizers: Cheng Liu
  • EO188: Discrete data analysis: Problems, challenges, and solutions
    Organizers: Dungang Liu
  • EO190: Advances in regression and network data analysis
    Organizers: Binyan Jiang
  • EO192: Recent advances in Bayesian nonparametric theory
    Organizers: Botond Szabo
  • EO194: Recent advances in Bayesian methods
    Organizers: Matteo Ruggiero
  • EO196: Econometrics of spatial models, panels, and model uncertainty
    Organizers: Hon Ho Kwok
  • EO200: Recent advances in incomplete data analysis
    Organizers: Kin Yau Wong
  • EO202: Recent advances in large-scale inference
    Organizers: Gourab Mukherjee, Peter Radchenko
  • EO204: Computation and inference with large amounts of data
    Organizers: HaiYing Wang
  • EO210: Bayesian inference for stochastic frontier models
    Organizers: Xibin Zhang
  • EO212: Recent advances in FDR control methodologies
    Organizers: Asaf Weinstein
  • EO214: Random projection approaches to high-dimensional statistical problems
    Organizers: Timothy Cannings
  • EO216: Semiparametric methods for complex data models
    Organizers: Liqun Wang
  • EO218: Seemingly unrelated papers in nonparametric econometrics
    Organizers: Daniel Henderson
  • EO220: Scalable Bayesian methods
    Organizers: Cheng Li
  • EO222: Recent developments in functional data analysis
    Organizers: Xinghao Qiao
  • EO224: Nonlinearity in regression models
    Organizers: Feng Yao
  • EO227: Some topics on econometrics and random matrix theory
    Organizers: Weiming Li
  • EO231: Stochastic frontier analysis, heterogeneity and dependence
    Organizers: Artem Prokhorov
  • EO233: Topics in financial econometrics and forecasting
    Organizers: Rachida Ouysse
  • EO235: Recent advances in social network analysis
    Organizers: Rui Pan
  • EO243: TBA
    Organizers: Heng Peng
  • EO245: Copulas and dependence in econometrics and statistics
    Organizers: Fabrizio Durante, Hao Wang
  • EO247: Nonparametric approaches for functional and high-dimensional data
    Organizers: Hongxiao Zhu
  • EO249: Some new developments of financial econometrics
    Organizers: Biqing Cai
  • EO251: Machine learning theory
    Organizers: Andreas Christmann, Ding-Xuan Zhou
  • EO253: Recent advances for semiparametric models in econometrics and statistics
    Organizers: Jingjing Wu
  • EO257: Bayesian methods: Novel applications
    Organizers: Michele Guindani
  • EO259: Bayesian methods in network analysis
    Organizers: Peter Orbanz
  • EO261: Latent variable models and psychometrics
    Organizers: Gongjun Xu
  • EO263: High-dimensional estimation in econometrics
    Organizers: Zhentao Shi
  • EO265: Cybersecurity risk modeling and prediction
    Organizers: Maochao Xu
  • EO267: New development in functional data analysis
    Organizers: Jiguo Cao
  • EO269: Corporate bond liquidity and credit risks
    Organizers: Yuan Wang
  • EO273: Non- and semi-parametric mixtures
    Organizers: Byungtae Seo
  • EO275: Recent advances in high-dimensional nonparametric inference
    Organizers: Debashis Paul
  • EO277: Order related statistical inference
    Organizers: Johan Lim
  • EO279: Some modern topics related to spatial statistics
    Organizers: Yumou Qiu
  • EO283: Analysis of big data: An integration perspective
    Organizers: Steven Ma
  • EO285: Network modeling for time series
    Organizers: Yin Liao
  • EO304: Recent advance in (semi)parametric modelling
    Organizers: Thomas Fung
  • EO306: Functional data and complex structures
    Organizers: Hua Liang, Zhen Pang
  • EO308: Alternative risk premia
    Organizers: Serge Darolles
  • EO314: Computation challenges in statistical methods
    Organizers: Yi Yang, Teng Zhang
  • EO318: Advanced computational methods for modelling complex survival data
    Organizers: Jiajia Zhang
  • EO320: Advances in statistical modelling for complex biomedical and health data
    Organizers: Shu-Kay Ng
  • EO322: Statistical computing and optimization
    Organizers: Yoonkyung Lee
  • EO324: Nonlinear financial econometrics
    Organizers: Jeroen Rombouts, Francesco Violante
  • EO326: Economics/statistics methods in biomedical research
    Organizers: Shouhao Zhou
  • EO328: Financial econometrics
    Organizers: Erricos Kontoghiorghes