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CMStatistics 2020 Special Invited Sessions
  • EI009: Algorithms and high stakes policy decisions
    Organizers: Sofia Olhede, Patrick Wolfe
    Cynthia Rudin, Duke University, United States.
    Michael Veale, University College London, United Kingdom.
    David Hand, Imperial College, United Kingdom.
  • EI013: Statistical foundation for data science
    Organizers: Taps Maiti
    Dan Nettleton, Iowa State University, United States.
    Shrijita Bhattacharya, Michigan State University, United States.
    Faming Liang, Purdue University, United States.
CFE 2020 Special Invited Sessions
  • CI021: Advances in Bayesian analysis and applications
    Organizers: Mike So
    Tomohiro Ando, Melbourne Business School, Australia.
    Yasuhiro Omori, University of Tokyo, Japan.
    Manabu Asai, Soka University, Japan.
    Toshiaki Watanabe, Hitotsubashi University, Japan.
  • CI023: Recent advances in time series econometrics
    Organizers: Peter Pedroni
    Timothy Vogelsang, Michigan State University, United States.
    Morten Nielsen, Queen's University, Canada.
    Peter Pedroni, Williams College, United States.
  • CI025: Econometric challenges caused by pandemic
    Organizers: Scott Brave
    Giorgio Primiceri, Northwestern University, United States.
    Andrew Butters, Indiana University, United States.
    Jeffrey Campbell, University of Notre Dame, United States.
  • CI027: Applied time series
    Organizers: Michael Owyang
    Michael McCracken, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, United States.
    Ana Galvao, University of Warwick, United Kingdom.
    Michael Owyang, Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis, United States.