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Biostatistics has experienced exciting developments in the last decade. While Biostatistics textbooks are still focused on presenting traditional approaches to an ever-growing number of clinicians and researchers in the biological sciences, the advent of big data and the quest for precision medicine have significantly transformed the landscape of Biostatistics. Therefore, Biostatistics necessarily overlaps with other important research tracks at the forefront of today research: the analysis of complex data, neuroscience, causality and network modeling are just a few examples.

The proposed track compiles a set of sessions that comprise many current hot topics in Biostatistics: the analysis of dependent and correlated data, advances in statistical genetics, including the analysis of the emerging microbiome samples, the challenges put forward by the analysis of electronic health records, dealing with high-dimensional complex data and large-scale computing in biomedical applications.

Michele Guindani, University of California, Irvine, United States
Organized Sessions associated with this Track
  • EO140: Statistical inference using electronic health records
    Organizers: Michael Daniels
  • EO154: Survival analysis with dependent endpoints
    Organizers: Takeshi Emura
  • EO250: High-dimensional/functional data analysis with biological applications
    Organizers: Juhyun Park
  • EO378: Advanced methods in Biostatistics
    Organizers: Yuko Araki
  • EO384: Statistics in bioscience
    Organizers: Thomas Lee
  • EO390: Advanced statistics for understanding the evolution of cancer
    Organizers: Wenyi Wang
  • EO415: Advances in analysis of correlated survival data
    Organizers: Liming Xiang
  • EO636: Repurposing drugs using electronic health records
    Organizers: Roy Welsch
  • EO645: Computational intensive applications in biostatics and DNA evidence
    Organizers: Joseph Gastwirth
  • EO649: Statistical evaluation of medical diagnostic tests
    Organizers: Maria del Carmen Pardo
  • EO651: Statistical methods for mobile health applications
    Organizers: Jaroslaw Harezlak
  • EO662: Epigenetic Data
    Organizers: Qi Zhang
  • EO682: Advances in the analysis of microbiome data
    Organizers: Michele Guindani, Snehalata Huzurbazar