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Title: Network analysis of Kaohsiung city mass transit Authors:  Cheng-Han Chua - National Sun Yat-sen University (Taiwan) [presenting]
Abstract: The iPASS is a contactless smartcard operated by the iPASS Corporation in Taiwan. iPASS is accepted for public transport including Kaohsiung Metro, Taipei Metro, buses, bike and etc. The payment history of iPASS provides a rich source for investigating the major transport corridors of a city. We explore the iPass transport payment data and analyze the long term payment history of iPASS in Kaohsiung city. Time series models for daily traffic volume of metro, bus and bike are constructed. Intervention analysis of Winter Free mass transit policy is performed and investigated. Finally, we build the transport network model for the Kaohsiung city and use Rshiny to construct an interface for data exploration and network visualization.