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Title: The socioeconomics status factors of framingham risk scores based on national survey data in Korea Authors:  Jinseub Hwang - Daegu University (Korea, South)
Hyerim Han - Daegu University (Korea, South)
Donghee Kim - Daegu University (Korea, South) [presenting]
Abstract: The aim is to identify the socioeconomics status factors of framingham risk scores to be used for prediction the risk of future cardiovascular disease. We use the 7th National Health and Nutrition Survey data in South Korea. Of the total 16,277 subjects, we select 583 subjects who aged between 20 and 59 years except the subjects who variables considered in the analysis is missing. Considering the strata, cluster and weight according to the complex survey design, we conduct a descriptive analysis and multiple linear regression for framingham risk scores. As a result, education level and marital status are significant factors for framingham risk scores. The lower the education level and unmarried status tend to have the higher scores. In order to reduce the prevalence of cardiovascular disease, the management of factors included in the calculation of framing risk scores is important, but interest in subjects with low socioeconomic status that may affect the framingham risk score will also be needed.