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Title: Copula for spatial dependence of rice production in Korean peninsula Authors:  Sanghoo Yoon - Daegu University (Korea, South) [presenting]
Hunseok Park - Daegu University (Korea, South)
Huijae Lee - Daegu University (Korea, South)
Abstract: The purpose is to estimate the spatial dependence of rice production yield among eight provinces in South Korea. Because the large scale of the disaster, such as typhoon, drought, and flood, can affect many rice yields. The optimal copula function for a spatial dependence of rice yields in Korean peninsula has not been studied. The data was collected between 1965 and 2018 by Statistics Korea. The trend of rice production has been eliminated by a linear model. The marginal distribution of residual was estimated by maximum likelihood estimation. A pseudo data was generated by inverse transformation method. Elliptical copula, Archimedean copula, and extreme copula family were considered. The goodness of fit test and cross-validation were performed to find the best copula. As a result, we found that rice production in most provinces has a strong correlation with each other.