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Title: Approximate maximum product spacing estimation of the half logistic distribution based on multiply progressive censoring Authors:  Kyeongjun Lee - Daegu University (Korea, South)
Gaeun Lee - Daegu University (Korea, South)
Dayoung Kang - Daegu University (Korea, South) [presenting]
Abstract: The problem of estimating unknown parameter of a half logistic distribution is considered on the basis of multiply progressive censoring. The unknown parameter of half logistic distribution is estimated by the maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) and maximum product spacing estimation (MPSE) using Newton-Raphson method. Also, we obtain the approximate maximum product spacing estimation (AMPSE) of the unknown parameter for half logistic distribution under multiply progressive censoring. We compare the estimators in the sense of the mean square error and bias. Finally, real data sets are analyzed for the purpose of illustration.