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Title: On efficient designing of nonlinear experiments for 3D Stacked Dies Packages Authors:  Tzu-Lun Yuan - National Sun Yat-sen University (Taiwan) [presenting]
Mong-Na Lo Huang - National Sun Yat-sen University (Taiwan)
Yu-Jung Huang - I-Shou University (Taiwan)
Abstract: 3D stacked die technology can be employed to achieve an ultrahigh mobile data rate on fifth generation (5G) wireless systems. AC Coupled Interconnect (ACCI) can enable low-cost, high-density, high pin count, and achieve a high speed chip to chip communications scheme. The placement of corner differential signal pad has a great impact on the system performance. The corner differential signaling pad placement arrangements under different pad sizes are analyzed to examine the behaviors of the SNR values versus different frequencies for pad design with given pitch distance and overlapping percentage. We provide nonlinear parametric models under different pad sizes to exhibit the patterns of the SNR values versus the frequencies for various die placement designs with given pitch distance and overlapping percentage. In the end, we use a sequential approach to find the optimal design configuration for each pad size with an optimal response.