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Title: Developing the association between air pollution and incident of asthma Authors:  Jin-Hua Chen - Taipei Medical University (Taiwan) [presenting]
Shu-Chuan Chen - Idaho State University (United States)
Yi-Chun Lin - Taipei Medical University (Taiwan)
Tzu-Min Lin - Taipei Medical University Hospital (Taiwan)
Abstract: Respiratory allergic patients with poor immunity are susceptible to inhalation allergens to cause disease relapse. Air pollutants are major source of inhalation allergens, such as PM 2.5, O3, NO2, etc. The association between air pollutants and emergency events in asthma patients is investigated. In order to highlight the influence factor of air pollution, local control method and case crossover design were adopted to control the influence from differences of individual characteristics, severity of asthma and weather characteristics between asthma patients with emergency events and without no emergency event. Since too many influence factors we have controlled, we use non-negative matrix factorization (NMF) to cluster these factors, and to reduce number of influence factors we need to control. In addition, NMF will not lose intra information of these factors in the process of reduction of dimensionality. Compared to prior research, we could find the asthma patient group with emergency events which is more susceptible to air pollutants. We use the non-parametric analysis and conditional logistic regression to find the evidence that air pollutants could affect the behavior of emergency visit of asthma patients. Furthermore, we investigate the characteristics of this group and try to find the high risk group of asthma patients with emergency events, and to provide the potential risk factor.