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Title: Anomaly detection by analysis of water quality data of Osaka City waterworks bureau in Japan Authors:  Manabu Ichikawa - Shibaura Institute of Technology (Japan) [presenting]
Mari Asami - National Institute of Publich Health (Japan)
Takehiro Arai - Shibaura Institute of Technology (Japan)
Yutaka Nakai - Shibaura Institute of Technology (Japan)
Koya Tanaka - Osaka Waterworks Bureau (Japan)
Abstract: Water quality data which was recorded every minute for five years was analyzed for detecting anomaly. In Waterworks Bureau, to find anomaly is very important for controlling the system of purifying water. The data analysis result revealed the relationship between weather and water quality abnormality, and it also clarified how the abnormality detection affects the control of the purification systems. Through this research we will try to find useful information for optimum water purification control.