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Title: Quantitative analysis on causal relation between pro-environmental behavior and consciousness based on survey data Authors:  Yuejun Zheng - Doshisha University (Japan) [presenting]
Abstract: Awakening pro-environmental behaviors among general citizens has become into an important topic in order to realize the environmental conservation. Although many attempts on how to promote the pro-environmental behaviors through an economic stimulus have been proposed actively, such as an eco-car tax cut, a fee charge for garbage etc., the approach to the evocation of pro-environmental behaviors in daily life by improving ecology-oriented consciousness has not fully attracted attention yet. While identifying people's pro-environmental behavior by demographic attributes, the author tries to extract psychological and social factors which can influence peoples pro-environmental behaviors in their daily life for an effective environmental education based on the survey data collected at Tokyo in 2017. Results derived from data analysis have shown that peoples pro-environmental behaviors are closely associated with an ecology-oriented consciousness, recognition on environmental quality, and a high environmental satisfaction except demographic attributes such as female, senior, high education, and religious faith.