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Title: Ancestral mixture models for phylogeny reconstruction Authors:  Shu-Chuan Chen - Idaho State University (United States) [presenting]
Abstract: Phylogeny, the evolutionary tree of life, can be reconstructed from biological data such as DNA sequences. The phylogenetic tree reconstructed from the biological data gives the conjecture of the relationship between the genetic sequences. Many statistical methods have been proposed to reconstruct the phylogeny from the biological sequences. A new method, the ancestral mixture models, has been proposed by Chen and Lindsay. In the talk, we will extend the ancestral mixture model to the one that can infer phylogeny from the DNA sequences with multiple states on each site. The extended ancestral mixture model is in fact a HKY85 based mixture model assuming transitions and transversions not equally likely, and the frequencies of state A, G, C, T not equal as well. In addition, generalized ancestral mixture models will be presented. Examples and future work will be discussed.