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Title: Solving weakly-convex-weakly-concave saddle-point problems as successive strongly monotone variational inequalities Authors:  Tianbao Yang - University of Iowa (United States) [presenting]
Abstract: First-order algorithms are considered for solving a class of non-convex non-concave min-max saddle-point problems, whose objective function is weakly convex (resp. weakly concave) in terms of the variable of minimization (resp. maximization). We propose an algorithmic framework motivated by the inexact proximal point method, which solves the weakly monotone variational inequality corresponding to the original min-max problem by approximately solving a sequence of strongly monotone variational inequalities constructed by adding a strongly monotone mapping to the original gradient mapping. The proposed framework is flexible because various subroutines can be employed for solving the strongly monotone variational inequalities. The overall computational complexities of our methods are established when the employed subroutines are subgradient method, stochastic subgradient method, gradient descent method and Nesterov's accelerated method and variance reduction methods for a Lipschitz continuous operator. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first work that establishes the non-asymptotic convergence to a nearly stationary point of a non-convex non-concave min-max problem.