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Title: Process variation monitoring using a loss-function control chart Authors:  Su-Fen Yang - National Chengchi UNiversity, Taiwan (Taiwan) [presenting]
Abstract: The quality and loss of products are crucial factors separating competitive companies in global market. Firms widely employ a loss function to measure the loss caused by poor quality. From the view point of Taguchis philosophy, monitoring the deviation from the process target value is important. In reality, there are many situations where the distribution of the quality variable may not be normal. The aim is to develop a new loss-function control chart for monitoring process variation under non-normal distributions. The properties and out-of-control detection performance of the new loss-function control chart are investigated. Furthermore, an adaptive control scheme for the proposed loss-function control chart is considered. Numerical results show the out-of-control detection performance of the proposed loss-function control chart. Keywords: Loss function, control chart, non-normal distribution.