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Title: Doubly robust estimation and causal inference for recurrent event data Authors:  Chien-Lin Su - McGill University (Canada) [presenting]
Russel Steele - McGill (Canada)
Ian Shrier - Centre for Clinical Epidemiology-Lady Davis Institute-Jewish General Hospital (Canada)
Abstract: Recurrent events are frequently observed in many biomedical longitudinal studies.The interest is to estimate the average causal effects for recurrent event data in the presence of confounders. We propose a doubly robust estimator which combines the weighted Nelson-Aalen estimator and regression estimator based on an assumed semiparametric multiplicative rate model for recurrent event data. The proposed estimators are shown to be consistent and asymptotically normal. In addition, a model diagnostic plot of residuals is presented to assess the adequacy of the semiparametric model. The finite sample behavior of the proposed estimators is evaluated through simulation studies. The proposed methodologies are illustrated via an injury database for circus artists.