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Title: Semiparametric mixture regression with unspecified error distributions Authors:  Weixin Yao - UC Riverside (United States) [presenting]
Abstract: In fitting a mixture of linear regression models, normal assumption is traditionally used to model the error and then regression parameters are estimated by the maximum likelihood estimators (MLE). This procedure is not valid if the normal assumption is violated. To relax the assumption on the error distribution hence reduce the modeling bias, we propose semiparametric mixture of linear regression models with unspecified error distributions. We establish a more general identifiability result under weaker conditions than existing results, construct several estimators, and establish their asymptotic properties. These asymptotic results also apply to many existing semiparametric mixture regression estimators whose asymptotic properties have remained unsolved and are considered to be nontrivial to obtain. Using simulation studies, we demonstrate the superiority of the proposed estimators over the MLE when the normal error assumption is violated and the comparability when the error is normal. Analysis of a newly collected Equine Infectious Anemia Virus data in 2017 is employed to illustrate the usefulness of the new results.