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Title: Likelihood inference for a continuous time GARCH model Authors:  Damien Wee - UNSW Sydney (Austria)
Feng Chen - UNSW Syd (Australia) [presenting]
William Dunsmuir - The University of New South Wales (Australia)
Abstract: The continuous time GARCH (COGARCH) model is a natural extension of the discrete time GARCH(1,1) model which preserves important features of the GARCH model in the discrete-time setting. However, calibrating the COGARCH model to data is a challenge, especially when observations of the COGARCH process are obtained at irregularly spaced time points. The method of moments has had some success in the case with regularly spaced data, yet it is not clear how to make it work in the more interesting case with irregularly spaced data. As a well-known method of estimation, the maximum likelihood method has not been developed for the COGARCH model, even in the quite simple case with the driving Levy process being compound Poisson, though a quasi-maximum likelihood (QML) method has been proposed. The challenge with the maximum likelihood method in this context is mainly due to the lack of a tractable form for the likelihood. We propose a Monte Carlo method to approximate the likelihood of the compound Poisson driven COGARCH model. We evaluate the performance of the resulting maximum likelihood (ML) estimator using simulated data, and illustrate its application with high frequency exchange rate data.