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Title: On testing for high dimensional white noise Authors:  Zeng Li - Pennsylvania State University (United States) [presenting]
Abstract: Testing for white noise is a classical yet important problem in statistics, especially for diagnostic checks in time series modeling and linear regression. For high-dimensional time series in the sense that the dimension $p$ is large in relation to the sample size $T$, the popular omnibus tests including the multivariate Hosking and Li-McLeod tests are extremely conservative, leading to substantial power loss. To develop more relevant tests for high-dimensional cases, we propose a portmanteau-type test statistic which is the sum of squared singular values of the first q lagged sample autocovariance matrices. Using the tools from random matrix theory and assuming both p and T diverge to infinity, we derive the asymptotic normality of the test statistic under both the null and a specific VMA(1) alternative hypothesis. Non-trivial estimations are proposed for these parameters and their integration leads to a practically usable test. Extensive simulation confirms the excellent finite-sample performance of the new test with accurate size and satisfactory power for a large range of finite $(p,T)$ combinations, therefore ensuring wide applicability in practice. In particular, the new tests are consistently superior to the traditional Hosking and Li-McLeod tests.