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Title: Semi-parametric modeling of structured point processes using multi-level log-Gaussian Cox processes Authors:  Ming Wang - University of Miami (United States)
Ganggang Xu - Binghamton University (United States)
Hui Huang - Peking University (China)
Emma Jingfei Zhang - University of Miami (United States) [presenting]
Yongtao Guan - University of Miami (United States)
Abstract: A general framework is proposed for using multi-level log-Gaussian Cox processes to model repeatedly observed point processes with complex structures. A novel nonparametric approach is developed to consistently estimate the covariance kernels of the latent Gaussian processes at all levels. Consequently, multi-level functional principal component analysis can be conducted to investigate the various sources of variations in the observed point patterns. In particular, to predict the functional principal component scores, we propose a consistent estimation procedure by maximizing the conditional likelihoods of super-positions of point processes. We further extend our procedure to the bivariate point process case where potential correlations between the processes can be assessed. Asymptotic properties of the proposed estimators are investigated, and the effectiveness of our procedures is illustrated by an application to a stock trading dataset.