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Title: Effective model calibration via sensible variable identification and adjustment Authors:  Yan Wang - City university of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) [presenting]
Xiaowei Yue - Gatech (United States)
Rui Tuo - Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)
Jeffrey H Hunt - Boeing company (United States)
Abstract: Computer models often fail to fit the physical system perfectly because of all kinds of assumptions for the purpose of mathematical tractability. Estimation of model parameters of computer simulations, also known as calibration, is an important topic in many engineering applications. We consider the calibration of computer model parameters with the help of engineering design knowledge. We introduce the concept of sensible (calibration) variables. Sensible variables are model parameters which are sensitive in the engineering modeling, and whose optimal values are different from the pre-specified design values. We propose an effective calibration method to identify and adjust the sensible variables with limited physical experimental data. A numerical study and a composite fuselage simulation example show the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed method.