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Title: Hamiltonian Monte Carlo with energy conserving subsampling Authors:  Doan Khue Dung Dang - University of New South Wales (Australia) [presenting]
Matias Quiroz - University of Technology Sydney (Australia)
Robert Kohn - University of New South Wales (Australia)
Minh-Ngoc Tran - University of Sydney (Australia)
Mattias Villani - Stockholm University (Sweden)
Abstract: Hamiltonian Monte Carlo (HMC) has recently received considerable attention in the literature due to its ability to overcome the slow exploration of the parameter space inherent in random walk proposals. In tandem, data subsampling has been extensively used to overcome the computational bottlenecks in posterior sampling algorithms that require evaluating the likelihood over the whole data set, or its gradient. However, while data subsampling has been successful in traditional MCMC algorithms such as Metropolis-Hastings, it has been demonstrated to be unsuccessful in the context of HMC, both in terms of poor sampling efficiency and in producing highly biased inferences. We propose an efficient HMC-within-Gibbs algorithm that utilizes data subsampling to speed up computations and simulates from a slightly perturbed target, which is within $O(m^(-2))$ of the true target, where $m$ is the size of the subsample. We also show how to modify the method to obtain exact inference on any function of the parameters. Contrary to previous unsuccessful approaches, we perform subsampling in a way that conserves energy but for a modified Hamiltonian. We can therefore maintain high acceptance rates even for distant proposals. We apply the method for simulating from the posterior distribution of a high-dimensional spline model for bankruptcy data and document speed ups of several orders of magnitude compare to standard HMC and, moreover, demonstrate a negligible bias.