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Title: Data science education for developing countries: The process of democratization Authors:  Fulya Gokalp Yavuz - Middle East Technical University (Turkey) [presenting]
Abstract: Industry and academia have been attempting to develop a new science for data exploration over the last three decades. Traditional institutions indeed possess an environment conducive to the generation of new sciences and fields. However, the field of data science was itself born of developments in both industry and research institutions. Thus, it may not be realistic or correct to expect the university or department curriculum to change completely and immediately to accommodate the needs of currently evolving fields. This issue of institutional adaptation to new areas of inquiry is, moreover, more complex in developing countries than in developed ones for various reasons including a more entrenched bureaucracy and lower incomes at universities. There is thus an inevitable need for additional tools and formations to support those studying in developing countries to compete with their peers. The democratization of data science education is discussed here via a case study carried out at a major research institution in Turkey. The study demonstrates that while the field is undergoing this development, students can still adapt to this discipline with more effort in their early careers.