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Title: A survey of scientists opinions on climate mitigation policy Authors:  Ivan Savin - Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain) [presenting]
Abstract: There are numerous instruments available in the climate-policy toolbox, but it is contested which are the most important ones to reach the Paris climate goals. Many economists but also other researchers argue that carbon pricing should be the central climate policy instrument within climate policy mixes. While lots of studies investigated its role in the economy, both theoretically and empirically, less is known about what climate researchers from other social sciences think about this policy. To advance the debate on climate policy and particularly on carbon pricing, we present the findings of a new, global survey of scientists' views on climate policies. The aim is threefold. First, we quantify the degree of (dis)agreement over carbon pricing and several other policies across various research fields. Second, we elicit the sources of disagreement. To achieve this, we analyze how the importance of instruments is associated with weights and perceptions of distinct policy criteria. Third, we derive an interdisciplinary agenda for future research on climate policy by analyzing responses to open questions using a topic modelling method. The particular contribution of the present expert survey is to provide a detailed analysis of consensus about climate policy across a diversity of disciplines.