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Title: A combined permutation test for comparing marginal probabilities of multivariate binary variables Authors:  Stefano Bonnini - University of Ferrara (Italy) [presenting]
Michela Borghesi - Università degli Studi di Ferrara (Italy)
Abstract: A multivariate extension of the two sample test on proportions is considered. We present a permutation solution based on the combination of the partial tests on the marginal probabilities of success. In particular, the testing problem concerns the comparison of two populations with respect to categorical data. The response is a multivariate binary variable. For such a problem, a nonparametric solution based on a statistic similar to that of the T-square Hotelling test was proposed in the literature for two-sided alternatives but there are no solutions for directional alternatives. Through a Monte Carlo simulation study, we prove the good performance of the test in terms of power. The results of the application of the proposed method to a case study concerning the propensity of companies toward a Circular Economy (CE) are also shown and discussed.