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Title: Assessing the research strength of organizations focusing on intrapersonal diversity in applied research of AI Authors:  Yuji Mizukami - Nihon University (Japan) [presenting]
Junji Nakano - Chuo University (Japan)
Abstract: The focus is on ``joint research between different research fields'' and discussing how each country promotes research from an innovation perspective by classifying the styles of cross-disciplinary integration into several patterns. The methods for analysis provide a measurable framework for the concept of ``intrapersonal diversity'' in the innovation strategy of Schumpeterian competition, and provide an example of the application of the management theory ``ambidextrous management'' to induce innovation. The information on intrapersonal diversity can be gathered and evaluated as an organization's competitive strength. For the analysis, we used 19-year bibliographic data (2000-2018) from the top 20 countries in terms of the number of papers in AI technology. The data were processed using the co-authorship analysis method proposed by the authors and the newly presented cross-disciplinary collaboration display method. As a result, the styles of cross-disciplinary fusion are categorized into four patterns in AI.