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Title: Ensemble methods for item-weighted label ranking: A comparison Authors:  Antonella Plaia - University of palermo (Italy)
Alessandro Albano - University of palermo (Italy)
Mariangela Sciandra - Università degli studi di palermo (Italy) [presenting]
Abstract: Label Ranking (LR), an emerging non-standard supervised classification problem, aims at training preference models that order a finite set of labels based on a set of predictor features. Traditional LR models regard all labels as equally important. However, in many cases, failing to predict the ranking position of a highly relevant label can be considered more severe than failing to predict a trivial one. Moreover, an efficient LR classifier should be able to take into account the similarity between the items to be ranked. Indeed, swapping two similar elements should be less penalized than swapping two dissimilar ones. The contribution is to formulate more flexible item-weighted label ranking models that make use of well-known decision tree ensemble models; respectively: bagging, random forest and boosting. The three proposed weighted LR classifiers encode the similarity structure and the individual label importance provided by a domain expert. The predictive performances of the three algorithms are compared, through simulations, to determine which ensemble procedure produces the best results for different noise levels and weight sets.