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Title: Improvement of the methods of providing meteorological data for energy management systems Authors:  Takamitsu Funayama - Tokai University (Japan) [presenting]
Takeshi Watanabe - Tokai University (Japan)
Hideaki Takenaka - JAXA (Japan)
Hideki Kimura - Tokai University (Japan)
Kota Fukuda - Tokai University (Japan)
Takashi Nakajima - Tokai University (Japan)
Yoshiro Yamamoto - Tokai Univeristy (Japan)
Abstract: To grasp solar radiation for each area is essential for Energy Management Systems (EMS), including solar power. Solar radiation using satellite data from Himawari-7 was provided in the past in binary data format. The data can be converted to several formats using tools for Mathlab, Fortran and so on. Most of the energy demand researchers want to get a specific area data. To use such data providing methods, the researcher needs to download a lot of unnecessary data and has to program. Since 2015 August, we have got high-frequency and high-resolution data from Himawari-8, then solar radiation data becomes large size and is providing in intervals. We developed a web-based data provider system which has a facility to select a specific city or area. We introduce an example of providing meteorological data to a moving vehicle to help the solar car team from our university to give them meteorological information.