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Title: Time series changes of the categorical data using the text data regarding radiation Authors:  Takafumi Kubota - Tama University (Japan) [presenting]
Hitoshi Fujimiya - DYNACOM (Japan)
Hiroyuki A Torii - the University of Tokyo (Japan)
Abstract: How the classified class of the questions keywords included in the text-based is changing in terms of time is discussed. After the accident of TEPCOs Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station in March 2011, a lot of information about the keyword relating to the radiation has been taken up in the media, and a group of people who receives the media has been becoming uneasy and dissatisfied about the information. To solve this issue, the Japan Health Physics Society started a website of questions and answers which related radiation (radiation QA). Within this, the experts have been answering towards the questions that the people asked (mainly the people in metropolitan area and the Fukushima prefecture). The goal is to hold a comparative verification by checking against one another of the various happenings that occurred after the incident with the related keywords of radiation, and also the groups the keyword belongs to, of time alongside with how the transitions were made, using the text data which is open to public on the radiation QA.