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Title: Detection of exceptional genomic words: A comparison between species Authors:  Ana Helena Tavares - University of Aveiro (Portugal) [presenting]
Vera Afreixo - University of Aveiro (Portugal)
Joao Rodrigues - University of Aveiro (Portugal)
Carlos Bastos - University of Aveiro (Portugal)
Armando Pinho - University of Aveiro (Portugal)
Paulo Ferreira - University of Aveiro (Portugal)
Paula Brito - Universidade do Porto (Portugal)
Abstract: The potentialities of the inter-word distances to detect exceptional genomic words (oligonucleotides) in several species is explored using whole-genome analysis. We confront the empirical results obtained from the complete genomes with the corresponding results obtained from the random background. We develop a procedure, based on some statistical properties of the global distance distributions in DNA sequences, to discriminate words with exceptional inter-word distance distribution and to identify distances with exceptional frequency of occurrence. We identify the statistically exceptional words in whole-genomes, i.e. words with unexpected inter-worddistance distributions, and we suggest species signatures based on exceptional word profiles.