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Title: A modified control chart for monitoring the multihead weighing process Authors:  Alexander Pulido-Rojano - Universidad Simon Bolivar (Colombia) [presenting]
Juan Carlos Garcia-Diaz - Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (Spain)
Abstract: The modified control charts are used for monitoring and control of the manufacturing processes which are considered as six-sigma process, ensuring a probability of out-of-specification product acceptably small. The use of these charts is based on the idea that the cost of identifying and correcting special causes is much higher than the cost of off-target products. Therefore, the process mean is essentially acceptable as long as it is anywhere within the specification limits. These concepts have been applied to the packaging process in multihead weighers. The weight of the packed product, seen as the quality characteristic to be monitored, must be as close to a specified target weight and comply with applicable regulations. In order to design the modified control chart and comply with requirements for its implementation, the packaging process has been previously optimised and improved through a packaging strategy. The strategy seeks to reduce the variability in the selection of the total weight of the package and it is evaluated through a proposed packing algorithm. In this way, a set of numerical experiments were conducted to examine the solutions generated and which are subsequently monitored.