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Title: A new composite indicator for sensorial data Authors:  Stefano Bonnini - University of Ferrara (Italy) [presenting]
Abstract: The studies on the environmental impact of bad odors are based on different approaches and methods: atmospheric dispersion models, olfactometry, chemical assessments by means of electronic noses and sniffing team surveys. The studies based on sniffing teams are preferable when the focus is on the perceived odors and in the presence of several possible sources of bad odors, because with the chemical methods it is difficult to distinguish different types of odors and to detect odors with low olfactive threshold. A sniffing team is a group of trained panellists engaged to produce field measurements of odor perceptions. All the mentioned approaches agree with the idea that the impact of perceived odors mainly depends on the duration and on the intensity of the perceptions. A composite indicator to measure malodour annoyance in a sniffing team survey is proposed. The new index jointly consider duration and intensity of the perceptions. Its application on the data of a survey performed in 2010 in an area in the north of Italy, shows its usefulness in the assessment of regional differences and trend over the time of odor perceptions.