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Title: Evaluating human networks of author's affiliation info and co-author info in scientific literature by using centralities Authors:  Yuji Mizukami - Nihon University (Japan) [presenting]
Yosuke Mizutani - Former org Demand Side Science Inc (Japan)
Keisuke Honda - The Institute of Statistical Mathematics (Japan)
Shigenori Suzuki - Research Institute of Info-Communication Medicine (Japan)
Junji Nakano - The Institute of Statistical Mathematics (Japan)
Abstract: The Institute of Statistical Mathematics aims to promote the joint use of resources and assets by domestic and foreign researchers, so as to further develop the statistics. We discuss it from a statistical point of view. A new index is required, by which the progress and effectiveness of the joint use can be objectively assessed. We analyze the co-authored information in extended betweenness centrality in papers that were written by researchers of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics in Web of Science. The results of the analysis make it possible to identify the researched people that are in the center of each research field. Our analytical activity consists of two stages. In the first analytical stage (stage 1), we use betweenness centrality to identify people that are in the center of each research field (network sector). In the next analytical stage (stage 2), we proposed four new analysis formulas that were based on betweenness centrality to analyze separately the researcher networks inside the organization and networks within and outside the organizations.