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Title: Estimation and inference for networks of multi-experiment point processes Authors:  Ali Shojaie - University of Washington (United States) [presenting]
Abstract: Modern high-dimensional point process data, especially those from neuroscience experiments, often involve observations from multiple conditions and/or experiments. Networks of interactions corresponding to these conditions are expected to share many edges, but also exhibit unique, condition-specific ones. However, the degree of similarity among the networks from different conditions is generally unknown. To address these needs, we propose a joint estimation procedure for networks of high-dimensional point processes that incorporates easy-to-compute weights in order to data-adaptively encourage similarity between the estimated networks. We also propose a powerful hierarchical multiple testing procedure for edges of all estimated networks, which takes into account the data-driven similarity structure of the multi-experiment networks. Compared to conventional multiple testing procedures, our proposed procedure greatly reduces the number of tests and results in improved power, while tightly controlling the family-wise error rate. Unlike existing procedures, our method is also free of assumptions on the dependency between tests, offers flexibility on p-values calculated along the hierarchy, and is robust to misspecification of the hierarchical structure.