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Title: Orthogonal common-source and distinctive-source decomposition between high-dimensional data views Authors:  Hai Shu - New York University (United States) [presenting]
Abstract: Modern biomedical studies often collect multi-view data, that is, multiple types of data measured on the same set of objects. A typical approach to the joint analysis of two high-dimensional data views/sets is to decompose each data matrix into three parts: a low-rank common-source matrix that captures the shared information across data views, a low-rank distinctive-source matrix that characterizes the individual information within each single data view, and an additive noise matrix. Existing decomposition methods often focus on the orthogonality between the common-source and distinctive-source matrices, but inadequately consider the more necessary orthogonal relationship between the two distinctive-source matrices. The latter guarantees that no more shared information is extractable from the distinctive-source matrices. We propose a novel decomposition method that defines the common-source and distinctive-source matrices from the L2 space of random variables rather than the conventionally used Euclidean space, with careful construction of the orthogonal relationship between distinctive-source matrices. The proposed estimators of common-source and distinctive-source matrices are shown to be asymptotically consistent and have reasonably better performance than some state-of-the-art methods in both simulated data and real data analysis.