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Title: The paradigmatic case of the Venice lagoon: A compound investigation and a stakeholder perspective Authors:  Gianfausto Salvadori - Universita Del Salento (Italy) [presenting]
Abstract: The Venice lagoon represents a worldwide paradigm of coastal flood. In order to protect Venice, storm surge barriers (MoSE) are activated when specific water levels occur. When MoSE barriers are raised, the only access to the lagoon for ships is represented by the Malamocco lock gate, provided that suitable safety conditions (involving the significant wave height) are satisfied. The statistics of significant wave heights and water levels in the Venice lagoon are investigated: in particular, these variables turn out to be dependent, and their joint occurrence (statistically modeled under the typology of Multivariate Compound events via Copulas) can determine the stop of ship navigation, yielding significant economic losses. Bivariate Return Periods and Failure Probabilities are used to model the statistical behavior of these two relevant variables, in order to provide quantitative guidelines for the management of the tricky hydraulic, maritime and economic system of the Venice lagoon. The stakeholder perspective is illustrated by using available economic data concerning Venice port activities, as well as an interview with the Captain of a chemical ship tank frequently docking at Venice.