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Title: A new family of smooth copulas with arbitrarily irregular densities Authors:  Robert Zimmerman - University of Toronto (Canada) [presenting]
Michael Lalancette - Technical University of Munich (Germany)
Abstract: Copulas are known to satisfy a number of regularity properties, and one might therefore believe that their densities, when they exist, admit a certain degree of regularity themselves. We show that this is not true in general by constructing a broad family of copulas which admit densities that can hardly be considered regular. The copula densities are constructed from arbitrary univariate densities supported on the unit interval, and we show by example that the copula densities can inherit pathological behaviour from the underlying univariate densities. In particular, we construct a nontrivial univariate density which is unbounded in every open set of the unit interval, and show that it induces a copula density which is finite everywhere but unbounded in every neighbourhood of the unit hypercube. Nevertheless, all of our copulas are shown to enjoy attractive smoothness properties.