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Title: On the identification of the tail-type of distributions in reliability and actuarial science Authors:  Ilia Vonta - National Technical University of Athens (Greece)
Georgia Papasotiriou - National Technical University of Athens (Greece)
Ioannis Mavrogiannis - University of Rouen-Normandie (France)
Alexandros Karagrigoriou - University of The Aegean (Greece) [presenting]
Abstract: The aim is to fill the gap regarding the verification of the log-concavity property, which is a widely studied topic due to the fact that it provides desirable estimating properties. At the same time, log-concavity together with log-convexity are vital in reliability, engineering and stochastic modeling for distinguishing between exponential and light- or heavy-tailed distributions. For the above purpose, we propose a goodness-of-fit exponentiality test which is based on the conspiracy and catastrophe principles which provide a characterization for the exponential distribution. The proposed test is thoroughly discussed and its performance is investigated via simulation studies. A fire insurance dataset is used for demonstration.