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Title: On the Statistical Inference of the Accelerated Life Tests for some Polymer Nanocomposites Authors:  Mahmoud Mansour - The British University in Egypt (Egypt) [presenting]
Hanaa Ahmed - Shoubra Faculty of Engineering - Benha University (Egypt)
Abd El Ghany Ahmed - Benha University (Egypt)
Mohamed Aboshady - The British University in Egypt (Egypt)
Abstract: Accelerated life tests are usually applied to obtain quick observations for componentsthat enjoy high reliability. In this paper, a comparison is established between twoPolymer nanocomposites C60(OH)29 and C80-Sc3(OH)18 under some acceleratedlife tests to test which one is better through some physical and chemical properties,where the preferable polymer has the priority to be more applicable in the fieldof industrial engineering. Some statistical inference approaches will be used likeBayesian estimation for making the right decision regarding the comparison betweenthe two Polymer nanocomposites.