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Title: Bivariate modelling of rainfalls and temperature Authors:  Giovanni De Luca - University of Naples Parthenope (Italy) [presenting]
Giorgia Rivieccio - Parthenope University (Italy)
Abstract: In the context of the undeniable ongoing climate change, rainfall is one of the main factors causing uncertainty in crops and damage to civil structures. Crops are heavily penalized by extreme climatic events that induce anomalous rainfall. Civilian structures, such as bridges and roads, can be hit and, in turn, cause massive damage and death. The study of rainfalls aimed at creating an early warning system cannot ignore the relationship with the temperature. The analysis of the interdependence between these two variables is crucial and effective modeling is therefore required. The use of copula functions is relevant since it is a flexible tool since the marginal distributions are not constrained by the bivariate distribution. A copula-based bivariate model for daily rainfalls and temperatures in some southern Italian cities is analyzed.