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Title: Machine learning in geo-spatial mixed models Authors:  Abhi Datta - Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (United States) [presenting]
Abstract: Spatial generalized linear mixed models, consisting of a linear covariate effect and a Gaussian Process (GP) distributed spatial random effect, are widely used for analyses of geospatial data. We consider the setting where the covariate effect is non-linear and propose modeling it using a flexible machine learning algorithm like random forests or deep neural networks. We propose well-principled extensions of these methods, for estimating non-linear covariate effects in spatial mixed models where the spatial correlation is still modeled using GP. The basic principle is guided by how ordinary least squares extend to generalized least squares for linear models to account for dependence. We demonstrate how the same extension can be done for these machine learning approaches like random forests and neural networks. We provide extensive theoretical and empirical support for the methods and show how they fare better than nave or brute-force approaches to use machine learning algorithms for spatially correlated data. We demonstrate the RandomForestsGLS R-package that implements this extension for random forests.