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Title: Seasonal data and global warming Authors:  Antonio Montanes - University of Zaragoza (Spain) [presenting]
Abstract: The evolution of temperature worldwide is analyzed using data supplied by the Climate Research Unit. We employ information from 165 stations, constituting a complete monthly database for 1900-2020. The use of a recent methodology proposed leads us to reject the null hypothesis of convergence for most of the months, which can be understood as the lack of a single pattern of behavior. The exception is the case of January. For the rest of the months, we can find the existence of several convergence clubs. The number and the composition of these estimated convergence clubs greatly vary. If we examine the evolution of the average temperature of each club, we can observe the presence of a positive trend in most of the estimated convergence clubs. The magnitude of the trend again varies across the convergence clubs. We should also note that we have also found downward trend behaviors for some estimated clubs of October. All these results confirm once more the heterogeneity of the warming process, questioning its globality and suggesting the existence of several Local Warming processes.