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Title: The patient pathway in a hospital environment Authors:  Rim Essifi - INRIA (France) [presenting]
Sophie Dabo - University of Lille (France)
Cristian Preda - University of Lille (France)
Christophe Biernacki - Inria (France)
Abstract: European healthcare systems are faced with multiple challenges, including an aging population, an increase in chronic diseases and patients with multi-morbidity, and limited financial and human resources. The response to these challenges is based, in particular, on the organization of care into care pathways. Namely, once the data necessary for the construction of a care pathway are acquired and processed, one has to model the patient pathway mathematically in a generic way. After that, using clustering algorithms, one can identify patients' subgroups, then, mine for common treatments, predict the future of patient pathways and answer clinicians' questions. All these steps would lead to an automated process which has to be evaluated by medical experts. Available statistical methods remain limited and inefficient in constructing care pathways. Indeed, data obtained from health care providers and insurance companies are all time-dependent, highly heterogeneous, qualitative in part, with several thousand possible modalities and mainly made up of missing data. We propose an approach based on functional data analysis combined with longitudinal data analysis in order to construct care pathways.