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Title: A new R-package for the analysis of the fisheries population under uncertainty Authors:  Santiago Cervino - Spanish Institute of Oceanography (Spain)
Maria Grazia Pennino - Instituto Espanol de Oceanografia (Spain)
Marta Cousido Rocha - University of Vigo (Spain) [presenting]
Abstract: The analysis of the dynamic of a population has become a fundamental tool in ecology, conservation, biology, and particularly, in fisheries science to assess the status of exploited resources. Uncertainty is an inherent component in fishery systems that makes difficult taking management decisions. Hence, we have developed our new R package Rfishpop (available on to deal with uncertainty for analyzing exploited populations in R. This package addresses such aims by implementing a completed Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) cycle. MSE is a tool that scientists can use to simulate the behaviour of a fisheries system and allow them to test whether potential management procedures can achieve pre-agreed management objectives. We describe all the interlinked model structures in MSE and its implementation. Furthermore, we provide the main conclusions and a discussion about open issues.