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Title: An unified stochastic hyperbolastic model Authors:  Antonio Barrera - Universidad de Malaga (Spain) [presenting]
Patricia Roman-Roman - Universidad de Granada (Spain)
Francisco Torres-Ruiz - University of Granada (Spain)
Abstract: The hyperbolastic growth curves have been successfully applied to describe many dynamical phenomena in biosciences, in particular, deterministic growth of cell populations. There are three different types, two of them being extensions of classic growth models such as the logistic and the Weibull curves. Stochastic counterparts of these models have been built in order to describe random influence in growth phenomena. Therefore, some problems involving parameter estimation have been addressed by applying both analytic and approximated methods. The main goal is to establish a common framework for all hyperbolastic models by considering similar strategies to address issues related to inference. In particular, bounded parametric spaces and initial solutions of likelihood equations are discussed. On the other hand, the relation between hyperbolastic models and classic growth curves may lead to some questions about the theory of generalized growth models.