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Title: A distributed optimal control epidemiological model: Parameter identification and optimization Authors:  Raimund Kovacevic - Vienna University of Technology (Austria) [presenting]
Vladimir Veliov - Vienna University of Technology (Austria)
Nikolaos Stlianakis - European Commission - Joint Research Centre (Italy)
Abstract: A distributed optimal control epidemiological model is presented that describes the dynamics of an epidemic with social distancing as a control policy. The model belongs to the class of continuous-time ordinary/partial differential equation models but has an important novel feature. The core model - a single integral equation - does not explicitly involve transition rates between compartments. Instead, it is based on statistical information on the disease status of infected individuals, depending on the time since infection. The model is especially relevant for the coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) disease in which infected individuals are infectious before onset of symptoms during a relatively long incubation period.