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Title: Treat thy neighbour: Precision medicine in networks Authors:  Michael Wallace - University of Waterloo (Canada) [presenting]
Abstract: Precision medicine describes the practice of tailoring treatment decisions to patient-level characteristics such as symptom severity, age, or prior medication. This may be formalized through dynamic treatment regimes: sequences of treatment decision rules that take patient information as input and output treatment recommendations. The dynamic treatment regime and precision medicine literatures typically make the assumption of no interference: that one patient's treatment does not affect the outcome of another patient. This assumption is often violated, such as in the study of infectious diseases where treating one patient may not only lower their risk of infection, but by extension the risk of infection for those they come into contact with. We discuss the implications of interference in the context of dynamic treatment regimes, demonstrate how it may be accounted for in analysis, and highlight some of the challenges associated with the order in which treatment decisions are made within a network structure.